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fair enough🌻

sometimes being realistic means to compromise and choose something that works albeit unoptimal so it's totally understandable👍

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huh it's Costco vs Ikea

one immediately apparent benefit is that it'll help drives costs down which helps people buy higher quality products

  • (more options = increased competition thus more sales)
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As someone who recently wrote a security bulletin on the xz Utility for my class assignment this was another interesting, much less horrifying but still important read than the xz util's forum discussion which gave me tech existentialism/Y2K and Guilty Gear vibes.

Pretty sure steampunk fans might be a bit upset but I REALLY don't think humanity is ready to jump on the amish bandwagon

  • unless we're somehow able to discover the Princess Principal equivalent of Cavorite, I think we've dodged a couple of bullets
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don't let your dreams be dreams
just do it👍

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goddamn that was great!🤗

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that sounds pretty brutal,
it's like the equivalent of shouting into the void

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Well then that's it toilet keeper. I'll go downstairs! I'll use the downstairs bathroom to pee :<

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this looks great!


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ayyy it's got AGPL-3.0 and it's dockerized🎉


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Thank you to everyone that submitted a report about the toxic user on our instance

Transphobia is absurd, horrid, and isn't allowed on our instance

As my software dev program finishes next week I'll be able to provide a quicker response to reports!

Thank you again to everyone making these reports🤗 and I highly encourage anyone else that spots anything sketchy to do the same as your reports helps us keep p.d a safe and cool community to share and discuss code related stuff🌻❤️

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no worries👍

My question is wondering how I can report the user upstream to the instance admins.

within Lemmy, one way is to direct message the admins by checking the instance's main site sidebar (as it typically lists all mods and admins of the instance)

for P.d I typically chat with fellow mods and admins in our Discord/Matrix channels, not sure about sdf but I'd recommend checking if they also have a Discord/Matrix Chat channels as well

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huh, just wondering but does reporting not get sent to the moderators and admins at sdf?

this might be a stupid question as you might've done it already;

  • have you tried reporting the user? (meatball/dango menu button on comments brings up the report option)

not sure how their moderation system works but my initial assumption (which could be incorrect) is that:

  • that the reported user would be displayed with the report message to mods/admins who then determines what happens
    • same as any other lemmy instance(I'm assuming sdf is a lemmy instance which could be incorrect)
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I have to imagine that this is a PR collab that has a high likelihood of benefiting both parties

FOSS Android Keyboard Apps (self.foss_keyboards)
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Here's a couple of FOSS keyboard alternatives in no particular order:

Unexpected Keyboard - fdroid

  • GitHub Repo
  • License: GPL-3.0
  • Permissions:

    control vibration
    run at startup

FlorisBoard - fdroid

  • GitHub Repo
  • Apache-2.0
  • Permissions:

    control vibration

Thumb-Key - fdroid

  • GitHub Repo
  • AGPL-3.0
  • Permissions:


Notable Extra Notes:

I've used Unexpected Keyboard and FlorisBoard and I'd say that they're great introductory FOSS apps for most users (users inexperienced to sudden changes)

  • Unexpected Keyboard uses Nix in their codebase :D

  • Thumb-Key is maintained by dessalines whom is a Lemmy dev

  • Florisboard is starting to convert their codebase to Rust,

    • literally their commit to main yesterday:

      "Switch native code to Rust"

    so this is pretty awesome to see!!

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As much as I hate Google I think this lawsuit from them sets a good precedence against scammer and spammers

Additional Duplicate Source:

Current List (self.foss_keyboards)
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This is a list of keyboards I've found so far that meets the criteria listed on the sidebar:

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just realized that one thing that NixOS could use is an update changelog of what packages were updated after running sudo nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade

tbh maybe there's a verbose option that I haven't discovered yet

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what a glorious day

coming from a long horrid day stuck in an awful lecture/debate I'm really gonna enjoy watching this 😭♥️

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