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agreed, DRAMless drives I typically recommend using for temporary data transfers or any similar usecases where a chance of dataloss wouldn't be catastrophic

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a 4TB QLC M.2 drive is pretty insane however I would hope that it comes with a decent sizable DRAM cache as otherwise the hit to performance and durability might be too big a hurdle for most to take a chance

eitherway it's pretty cool to see that limits continue to be pushed in the hardware space

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does anyone know if the thermal paste issue is also present on AMD cards?

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like hiding the notification popups?

  • middle-click the bell icon on your task bar

hope this helps!

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Say the line

I can fix her

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Please spoiler warning/gate your comment as it's quite gory and can be triggering for some if not most users

Here's a template:

Spoiler TitleHidden content

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it provides support and helps prevent nipple chafing

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saving so I have a baseline of what not to do

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agreed even my poor decision purchase 1800x ran it pretty well so it's not looking good for Intel

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oh shit

when you've got a significant game studio calling you out you know your pants are on fire


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Hello touhou enjoyers, Are we planning something to the coming canvas event at It will be a quarter of the size of its precedent iteration and welcome all the fediverse, wich will probably lead to some competition between arts. I already prepared this template for it, help is welcome if you feel interested. If any suggestion on the pixel art, lemme know it.

Characters: Reimu Hakurei, Cirno (fumo)

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I'll get to destress with a comfy and/or interesting Etho vid after I get home🤗


Within the first minute of the vid I'm thinking holy shit Zotac!

  • easily googlable private customer and B2B info is publicly available

~~They're gonna have one hell of a class action coming their way~~

alright I'm 5mins in and now I'm thinking there might not be a class action anymore but Zotac's information handling is just funny and confusing now

lmao love the quote from Zotac's partner😂:

If I can Google search my own credit memos... what the fuck is this? How can you be this insecure? How can you run a business like this?

Godot-Rust Now on! (
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Just learned about this today :D


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please give Bocchi the Rock a watch if you haven't before watching this🤗

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4:07 for divorce @o@

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