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For me it’s quantum computing - especially considering its impact on most current encryption methods

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For me it's Interstellar, it never fails to make me ugly cry at least twice during each viewing

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Most are probably too young to remember but nanotechnology was supposed to be the most super amazing thing ever.

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Whether it be to do your job, get your schoolwork done, clean your house, work on your creative passion, etc.

Bonus points if you're someone without reasonable self-control so saying something like "I can only have a cookie after I do this/while I do this" doesn't work for you and you're just going to eat the cookie and not do it.

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By deep I mean with the most obscure original. I am not talking 'all along the watch tower' but things like Fever Ray's cover of Vashti Bunyan's song Here before

Fever Ray is relatively well known while Bunyan had very limited success

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I've seen them called "Stop Lines", "Balk Line", etc. The thick line painted on the road at a Stop Sign.

You're supposed to stop before the line, but a lot of the time there's a bush or other obstruction so you can't see any crossing traffic. You have to creep forward until you can see anything.

Is there a reason for this? Is it done on purpose? It makes sense if there's a crosswalk or something, but I see it a lot where there shouldn't be any pedestrian activity.

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Please explain my confused me like I'm 5 (0r 4 or 6).

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I don't think that we're in a simulation, but I do find myself occasionally entertaining the idea of it.

I think it would be kinda funny, because I have seen so much ridiculous shit in my life, that the idea that all those ridiculous things were simulated inside a computer or that maybe an external player did those things that I witnessed, is just too weird and funny at the same time lol.

Also, I play Civilizations VI and I occasionally wonder 'What if those settlers / soldiers / units / whatever are actually conscious. What if those lines of code actually think that they're alive?'. In that case, they are in a simulation. The same could apply to other life simulators, such as the Sims 4.

Idk, what does Lemmy think about it?

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I've been fighting off writing this for a while now. I even considered making a throwaway for it, but I guess if its too embarrassing I can delete it.

I've sorta come to accept I'm bi in recent years, and I am wondering how I should go about dating and courtship in regards to dating within my same sex (male). Especially since I find femininity to be a key attraction point. I also haven't dated or had sex in like, three years or more. Its been a while, I kinda stopped caring for myself and focused on work, I am slowly trying to become an interesting person again, get back in shape but its hard. I dunno, man. I'm in my mid-30s and I am trying to figure out what I want out of the world. There's a bit of lust involved. And I definitely need a hug at the very least.

Furthermore, I live in the Southern part of the US, and the amount of trans hate has me actively wanting out of here (I'm aiming for Colorado) and dating in this part of the Southeast is already difficult as is, in my prior experiences.

How does one navigate this kind of world after coming out? How do I deal with the stigma especially since in the states, there's a renewed interest in putting people back in the closet?

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I'm looking for recommendations for an Android app to track and report GPS-type data (if such an app exists). Specifically, I'm hoping to be able to extract stops, origin/destination, roads/route traveled, and speed information.

Two use cases:

  1. Friend does an ad-hoc delivery service where requests are phoned in when they're needed rather than scheduled ahead of time. The ability to see where they started, where they went, and what roads/distance they traveled as they scurry about all day without having to enter it all manually into a map program later on would be invaluable to calculating expenses.
  2. Same friend was pulled over, while I was also in the vehicle, for speeding but was definitely not exceeding the speed limit. I would've loved to be able to pull up some GPS data that said what speed we were going at the time on the road in question.
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  1. The whole of Germany shall be declared a united, indivisible republic.

  2. Every German who is 21 years old shall be a voter and be eligible for election, assuming he has not been sentenced for a criminal offence.

  3. Representatives of the people shall be paid so that workers may also sit in the parliament of the German people.

  4. Universal arming of the people. In future armies shall at the same time be workers’ armies so that the armed forces will not only consume, as in the past, but produce even more than it costs to maintain them.

  5. Maintenance of justice shall be free of charge.

  6. All feudal burdens, all fees, labour services, tithes etc. which have previously oppressed the peasantry shall be abolished without any compensation.

  7. All baronial and other feudal estates, all mines, pits etc. shall be converted into state property. On these estates agriculture shall be practised on a large scale and with the most modern scientific tools for the benefit of all.

  8. The mortgages on peasant farms shall be declared state property. The interest for these mortgages shall be paid by the peasants to the state.

  9. In the areas where leasing has developed the ground rent or lease payment shall be paid to the state as a tax.

  10. All private banks will be replaced by a state bank whose bonds will have the character of legal tender.

  11. All means of transport: railways, canals, steamships, roads, posts etc. shall be taken in hand by the state. They shall be converted into state property and made available free of charge to the class without financial resources.

  12. In the remuneration of all civil servants there shall be no difference except that those with a family, i.e. with greater needs, shall also receive a larger salary than the others.

  13. Complete separation of church and state. The clergy of all denominations shall only be paid by their own voluntary congregations.

  14. Limitation of inheritance.

  15. Introduction of strongly progressive taxes and abolition of taxes on consumption.

  16. Establishment of national workshops. The state shall guarantee the livelihood of all workers and provide for those unable to work.

  17. Universal free education of the people.

These are the 1848 Demands of the Communist Party in Germany, Marx and Engels.

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Hello all !

I have a docker image that you can run with:

docker compose -f compose_10f.yml up

The compose_10f.yml looks like this:

    image: tenfingers_10f:v1
      - ./:/data
    working_dir: /data/

Which makes the image believe it runs in ./ so if it saves "./hello" it will be saved in the folder where it's launched (it works).

The thing is, it's a command line program (named 10f.py), not a server or such, so I'd like to run it like this:

docker run -v ./:/data -w /data/ tenfingers_10f:v1 10f.py

And it works with the exception it doesn't get to run in the mounted ./ folder.

It confuses the "mount" (or I'm just lucky the compose file works?) and it believes it lives in /data/, not in ./

python3: can't open file '/data/10f.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

I did struggle to set this up in the compose file, but I'd like to make the images run in a specific directory thinking they are in ./

Any ideas how I can figure this out?

Cheers and thank you so much!


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Hi. I'm looking for someone willing to make an album cover for an album I'm currently recording. I will pay your going rate, of course. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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For me it's Idiot Wind, curious to know which one moves you.

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I'm thinking anchor for space elevator

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Overbearing manager means somebody for whom relaxing after doing your job or reading on downtime means lazying around.

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I'm curious to learn about places around the globe that have a significant amount of underutilized tourism infrastructure. In many cases, I suspect that governments are propping up unsustainable tourism operators or investing in tourism with a "build it and they will come" mentality.

Here are a few examples that I'm aware of:

  • Qatar - The country has an oversupply of hotels relative to the number of visitors, and its tourism economy heavily relies on layover tours due to the strength of Qatar Airways' network.

  • Saudi Arabia - In an effort to diversify its economy away from oil, the country is pushing a massive tourism development agenda, despite having many factors that make it less appealing to visitors. Religious tourism seems to be a primary focus.

  • North Korea - For obvious reasons... For example, only a few floors of the Ryugyong Hotel are ever occupied.

  • Northern Japan (Aomori, Akita, Sendai) - These places are heavily fueled by domestic tourism, and are basically deserted for half of the year (despite attractions and so on still functioning).

To clarify, I'm not looking for hidden gems or places that are simply underrated travel destinations. Instead, I'm interested in learning about locations where there is a clear mismatch between the available tourism infrastructure and the actual number of visitors.

I want to find places where I might end up being the only visitor to a museum or one of few tourists on an airport bus. The fact that these museums and airport limo buses even exist is where the question stems from.

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I've the opportunity to watch it and i want to know if it's worth it or not, because game-based shows are known to be not that great.

Edit : at the moment i write this, im at episode 3, they seems to have respected the game's lore even if i disagree with the cause they choose in the scenario to force the hero to left the vault.

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Looking to develop my skills in order to get a foot in the door on a new career path but unsure where exactly to proceed, so would appreciate a good counselor suggestions if you've had a positive experience with them. Ideally someone who specializes in the state of things globally, not just in America.

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For example, I personally can't listen to Guns and Roses without immediately thinking "that Axl sure is an asshole", and that sours the entire experience.

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