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Programming Is Mostly Thinking (
submitted 12 hours ago by [email protected] to c/programming

The Linux ecosystem is vast and diverse, offering a multitude of distributions to suit every need and preference. With hundreds of distros to choose from, it’s a pity that most are rarely mentioned while the popular ones are constantly being regurgitated.

This thread aims to celebrate this diversity and shine a light on smaller projects with passionate developers. I invite you to pitch your favorite underappreciated distro and share your experiences with those lesser-known Linux distributions that deserve more attention.

While there are no strict rules or banlists, I encourage you to focus on truly niche or exotic distributions rather than the more commonly discussed ones. Consider touching upon what makes your chosen distro unique:

  • What features or philosophies set it apart?
  • Why do you favor it over other distros, including the popular ones? (Beyond “It just works.”)
  • In what situations would you recommend it to others?

Whether it’s a specialized distro for a particular use case or a general-purpose OS with a unique twist, let’s explore the road less traveled in the Linux landscape. Your insights could introduce fellow enthusiasts to their next favorite distribution!

everywhere I go (
submitted 23 hours ago by [email protected] to c/programmer_humor

cat looking inside box meme

  • yeah our project uses typescript
  • look inside
  • any

Seeing the crowdstrike solution reminded me of the old memes

Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\CrowdStrike

Locate and delete file matching "C-00000291*.sys"


A widespread Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issue on Windows PCs disrupted operations across various sectors, notably impacting airlines, banks, and healthcare providers. The issue was caused by a problematic channel file delivered via an update from the popular cybersecurity service provider, CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike confirmed that this crash did not impact Mac or Linux PCs.

It turns out that similar problems have been occurring for months without much awareness, despite the fact that many may view this as an isolated incident. Users of Debian and Rocky Linux also experienced significant disruptions as a result of CrowdStrike updates, raising serious concerns about the company's software update and testing procedures. These occurrences highlight potential risks for customers who rely on their products daily.


CSS Grid support has been widely available since March 2017 in all major browsers. Yet, here we are in 2024, and I still see few people using the grid template areas feature.

It’s no surprise that many avoid template areas as making sense of the grid is challenging enough. In this interactive article, I aim to shed light on this feature and, hopefully, convince you to use it more often. Once you see the simplicity and power of template areas, you may reach for them much more frequently.

submitted 22 hours ago by [email protected] to c/programmer_humor
Googling (
submitted 1 day ago by JPDev to c/programmer_humor
Crowdstrike (
submitted 1 day ago by [email protected] to c/programmer_humor
WebRTC IP Leaking (self.javascript)
submitted 13 hours ago by xoron to c/javascript

i want to understand more about WebRTC security when using vpn. id like to know if it is more secure with VPN than without... or even if its recommended to use WebRTC with VPN.

i created a webrtc demo: (the corresponding code its created with:

if i generate a "WebRTC offer" then i see a bunch of information including my IP address.

if i do the same with VPN, i see that my ip address isnt in that payload.

following the information here:

and using the demo here:

it seems even with vpn, the local ISP ip seems detected.

a recurring concern ive had on reddit about the security of my app is that webrtc exposes ip addresses. im investigating using the app with vpn. it seems to work like normal.

in the example details given above, i see while the local ISP IP is exposed, the personal ip address is still hidden. im sure what is exposed there is not worthless, but it could help users with privacy and security.

on the back of this investigation id like to see if i can add something like a toggle in my app called "enforce VPN" which will first check to see if you are on a vpn, and if you are, open the rest of the app.

my app is using peerjs-server as the connection broker. this is a third party i have no contractual agreement to provide me with a service. it could help to hide your IP from this service.

submitted 9 hours ago* (last edited 9 hours ago) by alexdeathway to c/docker

I am working on this django docker project template with this certbot setup, Dockerfile

FROM certbot/certbot:v1.27.0

COPY /opt/
RUN chmod +x /opt/

ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/"]



set -e

echo "Getting certificate..."

certbot certonly \
    --webroot \
    --webroot-path "/vol/www/" \
    -d "$DOMAIN" \
    --email $EMAIL \
    --rsa-key-size 4096 \
    --agree-tos \

if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
    echo "Certbot encountered an error. Exiting."
    exit 1

#for copying the certificate and configuration to the volume
if [ -f "/etc/letsencrypt/live/${DOMAIN}/fullchain.pem" ]; then
    echo "SSL cert exists, enabling HTTPS..."
    envsubst '${DOMAIN}' < /etc/nginx/ > /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf
    echo "Reloading Nginx configuration..."
    nginx -s reload
    echo "Certbot unable to get SSL cert,server HTTP only..."

echo "Setting up auto-renewal..."
apk add --no-cache dcron
echo "0 12 * * * /usr/bin/certbot renew --quiet" | crontab -
crond -b

problem with this setup is,certbot exits after initial run of getting the certificate and when it's renew time it require manual intervention.

Now There are two choices

  1. set restart: unless-stopped in docker compose file so it keeps restarting the container and with cron job to renew the certificate when required.

  2. Set cron job in host machine to restart the container.

Are there any other/more option to tackle this situation.

Hardware issue (
submitted 1 day ago by [email protected] to c/linux

Today, i turned on my Mint pc and it wouldn't let me type in a passpowrd. Even the mouse was not reacting.

So i rebooted, got a massive text wall that mentioned something about not syncing

When i rebooted again, it wouldn't start up only a few rotations with the fans and then it restarts and repeats this loop

I assume that this is a hardware issue but what should i be looking into and how do i make the recovery as smooth as possible?

submitted 8 hours ago by mac to c/godot
submitted 9 hours ago by mac to c/godot

Pretty much the title. For those who use LLMs for learning or writing rust code, claude is much better at it, based on my experience.

submitted 1 day ago by mac to c/git

I just finished watching Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository and honestly, while it looks intriguing, it also looks horrible.

Have you run into issues? Did you love it? How was it/

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