If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in. - Edsger Dijkstra

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Old timers know (sh.itjust.works)
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How do people find out or know whether your repo which is having MIT or apache or AGPL license is being used by a corpo and profiting from it and not making the code open source or paying license fees?

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This is very much a "Windows thing" to do but I would like to preload a Distrobox on system start.

The benefit is that distrobox enter BOXNAME or launching a binary or app from distrobox-export is way faster.

On Fedora Kinoite (Atomic KDE) with Podman, I use this:

cat ~/.config/autostart/preload-BOXNAME.desktop <<EOF
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Preload the Distrobox container BOXNAME
Exec=/usr/bin/podman start BOXNAME 

This is a KDE specific workaround, as only "Applications" reliably autostart.

In the app menu enter "Autostart" and go to the settings page, the box should appear there.

Log out and back in, go to the same settings page to verify.

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I am not following these claims carefully, but I have seen tons of copies of Lawnchair in the Playstore.

Another recent event that comes to my mind is the Simple apps, which AFAIK they always were open source? But that didn't matter until it got sold and then Fossify was the non shit version of it (the positive side of open source).

Top tier reporting (lemmy.ananace.dev)
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Corpos being corpos (sh.itjust.works)
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I have a server (S-1) with HAProxy and a number of residential proxies (PR-s) as login-passwords-port. There're multiple users who will connect to the internet via S-1.

I want to have HAProxy to forward incomming traffic of the users via a random proxy amoung PR-s with 2 conditions:

  1. only when there's certain, pre-defined keyword in the URL, traffic must be routed via a proxy.
  2. In all other cases, it must go to a requested resource directly as is, without a proxy

How would I implement this?

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I've needed to detect a frequency of an audio signal a couple of times in my life, but I cannot for the love of me remember what does the FFT output actually mean. So I took this knowledge out of my latest project and packed it up in this crate.

Also this is my first potentially useful published crate, so if I missed anything, please let me know!

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Found this project a while ago, couldnt find it again.

A unique looking Wayland desktop, independent from others.

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Pre-Scheme is an interesting Scheme dialect which is being ported to modern systems. The language, why its being ported, and the porting effort are described in the linked post.

As described in the Pre-Scheme paper, the language offers a unique combination of features:

  • Scheme syntax, with full support for macros, and a compatibility library to run Pre-Scheme code in a Scheme interpreter. The compiler is also implemented in Scheme, enabling both interactive development and compile-time evaluation.
  • A static type system based on Hindley/Milner type reconstruction, as used in the ML family of languages (eg. Standard ML, OCaml, Haskell). Pre-Scheme supports parametric polymorphism, and has nascent support for algebraic data types and pattern matching, which are recently gaining popularity in mainstream languages.
  • An optimizing compiler targeting C, allowing for efficient native code generation and portable low-level machine access. C remains the common interface language for operating system facilities, and compatibility at this level is essential for modern systems languages.

Due to the restrictions of static typing and the C runtime model, Pre-Scheme does not (currently) support many of Scheme's high-level features, such as garbage collection, universal tail-call optimization, heap-allocated runtime closures, first-class continuations, runtime type checks, heterogenous lists, and the full numeric tower. Even with these limitations, Pre-Scheme enables a programming style that is familiar to Scheme programmers and more expressive than writing directly in C.

Ironically, Pre-Scheme's original purpose was to implement the interpreter for another Scheme dialect, Scheme 48 (Wikipedia). But the lower-level Pre-Scheme is now getting its own attention, in part due to the popularity of Rust and Zig. Pre-Scheme has the portability and speed of C (or at least close to it), but like Rust and Haskell it also has a static type system with ADTs and parametric polymorphism; and being a LISP dialect, like most other dialects it has powerful meta-programming and a REPL.

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I know this is basically a spam tool.

I think to know that you can query some info from a mailserver to test if an address exists.

I would like to find hidden addresses of some companies, for example I want to test if [email protected] exists.

Anyone know how to do that?

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  1. I am very unlikely to switch away from KDE Plasma 6
  2. I would anyways like to try Sway or the like
  3. I dont use virtual desktops and find just navigating through a bottom taskbar makes more sense for me
  4. I have many apps fullscreen, and would never tile more than once vertically, as I am on a Laptop
  5. I want: NightLight, tray icons, a good app menu, many KDE Apps (Dolphin, Kate, Ark, Gwenview, Spectacle Edit feature at least)

Are Wayland WMs ready for this use case? What would you recommend to fill these exact requirements?

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Found this on quora. And I thought this was quite funny.

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The mine is Dome Keeper. I linked what's coming soon to this fun game!

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