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-football BK Hacken - Elfsborg

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That should actually work great, in the absence of being part of the API, thanks! Funnily enough the copilot autocomplete suggested that when I was formatting the url param.

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Sorry if this is the wrong community, not sure where else to post the question, and I'd rather avoid creating an issue over on Github.

Is there a way to check if a federated user is an administrator via the API? .get_person_details() will have the admin field set to false for all other than local admins and .get_community() only reveals the list of moderators.

I know I could scrape the admin list from the main page html, but scraping html is prone to errors if an instance uses an alternative frontend or the frontend is updated. Getting the data via the API should be a more stable solution.

Based on #3703 it seems like a decent chance that this information isn't currently exposed to federated instances though?

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@[email protected] might give a more precise date, but unless there is an important security update, we prefer to wait 1-2 weeks to see how the update goes.

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From the perspective of the admin team, as long as reports are consistently resolved in a timely manner we are happy.

If you have any questions or want help with finding extra moderators, feel free to ask it here or via DM, otherwise we also have a Discord server and a Matrix space where we can talk.

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@[email protected]

Just a reminder that we sent you a DM some time ago, but have yet to receive an answer. Happy cake day :)

-The admin team

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Please refrain from harassing our users, keep whatever argument you have contained to the thread it started. Following and harassing users across communities/instances is not tolerated.

You will only be given a temporary ban of one week from our instance, but if it continues after that it will changed to a permanent ban.

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Describe the problem

3/4 moderators of the community are inactive, leading to a backlog of unresolved reports from the community.

Suggested solution

Find 1-2 active programming.dev users in the community volunteering to moderate c/programmer_humor in the comments of this post.

Expected time cost

A few minutes each week, the volume of the reports from the community is currently low.

Temporary solution

The community will be moderated by the admin community team until new moderators are found.


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COTW: Machine Learning (programming.dev)
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This weeks community of the week is machine learning! Machine learning is the science of computer algorithms that help machines learn and improve from data analysis without explicit programming.

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Overview of planned features? (self.boostforlemmy)
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Are there any websites or posts where one can see planned features for the app? It would be nice to know what's missing from the initial release. I see plenty of feature requests, but none contains confirmation of whether that feature will be worked on or not.

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