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Please refrain from using slurs and disparaging people for no good reason on our instance.

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Describe the problem

3/4 moderators of the community are inactive, leading to a backlog of unresolved reports from the community.

Suggested solution

Find 1-2 active programming.dev users in the community volunteering to moderate c/programmer_humor in the comments of this post.

Expected time cost

A few minutes each week, the volume of the reports from the community is currently low.

Temporary solution

The community will be moderated by the admin community team until new moderators are found.

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I don't believe for one bit that windows will move to a pure subscription based model. They are greedy, but not stupid.

What's more believable is that the base OS will be the same as usual, but if you want fancy AI assistants in your OS, you must subscribe, with the justification being that MS must pay for the servers running the models you're using.

Overview of planned features? (self.boostforlemmy)
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Are there any websites or posts where one can see planned features for the app? It would be nice to know what's missing from the initial release. I see plenty of feature requests, but none contains confirmation of whether that feature will be worked on or not.

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If you care about energy density, nuclear is the best solution, not coal. I guess Germans don't care though

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It's uses safari's engine, which is the only one allowed by Apple. Doesn't matter what browser you download from the store.

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"Brave New World" warned against genetic engineering, but that's turned out to be a great technology for curing diseases and improving crop yields.

I was still a teen when I read the book, but that wasn't really my take from it when I read it. We are still far away from genetically designing human babies. And you also overlooked the part about oppression/control via distractions such as drugs and entertainment.

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Men can be nasty and intimidating towards women as history have shown a million times. Add in the fact you have a lot of "old fashioned" men in the sport that may not be up to date on how you should behave in the third millennium. If you want to grow the sport, you need to facilitate a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Tournaments exclusive to girls is one way build towards that.

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Chess got an open class and a female class. The latter is there to provide a safer environment for girls and hopefully encourage more to try out the sport.

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When interviewed by Norwegian media she explained that they tried helping, but after a while they had to move since it was one of the most dangerous parts of the route and the queue was building up behind them, which could lead to a far worse situation.

This isn't like walking past someone on your afternoon trip with 1000 meter elevation.

Another expert questioned why the man was allowed to join the journey in the fist place as his equipment was below the usual standard needed to ascend K2. You can't easily bail out once you are up there.

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It would be nice if every community had to pick a tag associated with it so that you can automatically filter out communities you have no interest in. E.g. Politics, news, memes, sports, tech, celebrities, TV/Movies, etc...

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I guess it knows that it's unknown

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Taiwan would never attack China, the only way a war between China and Taiwan happens is if China invades Taiwan.

China saying this increases the "risk" of war is nothing but doublespeak.

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