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This is a community for discussing things about itself. Things like announcements, site help posts, site questions, etc. are all welcome here.



founded 1 year ago

We now have a new alternate frontend for our instance, Tesseract!

Tesseract is a fork of Photon with some differences displayed on the project's GitHub page.

The overall main features being:

  • Full Media Support in Feed and Posts
  • Community Browser / Enhanced Discovery
  • Media Bias Fact Check (MBFC) Integration
  • Fediseer Integration
  • Distinguished and Sticky Comments
  • Keyword Filtering
  • Multiple Account Support
  • Improved Moderation Tools

You can find the Tesseract frontend at

Along with this, Photon is currently only semi-supported as opposed to being one of our main Alternate Frontends. Due to a recent swap in Photon's tooling we are unable to update to later versions of Photon. As such, for now the alternate frontend will exist frozen and will continue to exist in the future until either: a new lemmy version breaks that version of the frontend or the issues are fixed and upgrading becomes possible again.

Stacks (Our blog) Reorganization (
submitted 1 week ago by Ategon to c/meta

I made some updates to the post system in to make it a bit more organized. Categories will now be only the main sites and posts will be filtered into what categories they fit best in. Previously each subdomain has its own category.

The main change for this would be that things like alternate frontends will be under the Programming.Dev category instead of their own (but they still have a tag for people who want to filter by only that subdomain)

Ive also cleaned up the posts to organize them better in the source code by appending the date they were made in front of each ones file name and ive added some more tags (such as an Alternate Frontend tag)

submitted 2 weeks ago by Ategon to c/meta

Hey everyone! Theres an event upcoming for the fediverse in 1 week (you can see the countdown from this site: This is an event similar to place and ran by the instance

Everyone has access to a shared pixel art canvas and can place a new pixel every so often! Pixels placed onto the map color that pixel the color you choose which every person then sees. People often coordinate with things like templates to get art of different things onto the map.

An example of canvas

Last year we participated and managed to get a pretty big zone for This year however will have much more participants than last year so need more support and help constructing our area. I'll be attempting to establish a technology zone on the canvas so if theres any instances or communities that have to do something with technology and want to do something feel free to reach out and we can help each other.

Programming.Dev's area in last years canvas

If you're interested in joining the event theres three locations we will be talking. Theres event channels on the discord and matrix (that are bridged to each other). We also have an event community at which most canvas posts will go in from now on. Hope to see you all there!

If you want to organize a section of the canvas for your community (e.g. c/godot) you can request a channel for your community on the discord and matrix which will help you organize better. Feel free to reach out to me (Ategon).

If you want to help out the instance itself make sure to join the locations and things will be announced for updates. If you want to help organize things (organizing the instance for the event) feel free to reach out so I can get people to lead the pixel placing for things like when I'm sleeping.

The current design for this year

Should start making some more blog posts on stacks as I come back to be active in the instance again. Took a large-ish break to focus on some game dev and now back to power through things.


After the federation issues the instance had earlier this week (for context see last meta post) its been taking a bit to catch up with all instances fully. Every instance apart from world should have federation fully functional in both directions now.

Federation from our instance to world is also working (so they can see posts the instance makes). Federation from world to our instance is 18 hours behind so we currently don't get posts as they are made (seems some recent comments are coming through for some reason though). This will slowly automatically get fixed over time (probably within a day) and is just due to being big and generating activities quickly enough to keep adding things to the queue of activities while the instance tries to catch up

In other news I'm coming back from taking a break from the instance for awhile and should be making some more posts soon for things like canvas that are coming up as well as some other stuff in my backlog so expect a couple more meta posts today

submitted 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago) by nulluser to c/meta

I've noticed that the external communities I'm subscribed to aren't syncing. I checked a few on their home server (lemmy. world), and they've got plenty of new posts (eg. [email protected]), but the posts aren't showing up here. I don't think it's just me, but I've been wrong before. Anybody else?


Lemmy 0.19.5 was released a few days ago, other instances already upgraded to this version.

Do we have a date for the instance to upgrade as well?


After not getting what I needed out of a "managing up" post, I decided to create this community. Essentially the problem is that often we need to solve a social problem that others might deem "trivial". And when folks deem it trivial, they fail to provide anything except encouraging words.

This community will try to bridge that gap.

NTs / Allistics are very welcome, BUT they must understand that we need details, we need patience, and we need kindness around matters of business politics and office socializing.

403 on API endpoints (
submitted 1 month ago by refalo to c/meta

Tried to use several different API endpoints as described in the link, but they all return 403 with a cloudflare "Just a moment..." html reply. Even tried copying an existing jwt token from a working logged-in browser but the same thing still happens.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

curl -v --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '{"username_or_email": "redacted", "password": "redacted"}'
< HTTP/2 403
<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en-US"><head><title>Just a moment...</title>
submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by recursive_recursion to c/meta

Thank you for the reports however the toxic posts aren't from our admin but a troll impersonator

If you see these accounts, please ban away

Side Note:

  • for anyone that has manual registration verification enabled I'd suggest on verifying with known users on past/pre-existing accounts before accepting duplicates,
    • esp for admin/moderator usernames

Hey sup:)

Idk if it's Cloudflare or something, but the problem is I have an RSS reader hosted on my Hetzner server in Germany, and requests originating from its IP are blocked. Well not exactly blocked, but they return HTML titled "Just a second..." rather than just RSS.

For example:


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-US">
      <title>Just a moment...</title>
      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
      <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">
      <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

Obviously I totally understand if you wouldn't want to do that – I'm sure it's there for a reason, I was just hoping that this single endpoint could be an exception =]


submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by pro_grammer to c/meta

I can't see a lot of posts from the instance. Take for example the brazilian linux community, observe that you can't see any posts from this instance, but you can on the original instance:

linux Brazil from

linux Brazil from it's original linstance

The instance can see our posts without problems, so I'm assuming that the problem lies here. Am I right for assuming that?


Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526

Including for


Any interest in hosting q&a style programming communities?



submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by refalo to c/meta

I am noticing that some comments, which are coming from users on other verified (via /instances) federated instances, do not show up on a post. For example:

Does not show this comment on it:

Any ideas why? I checked the modlog and the comment wasn't removed, and their post history to me does not look like someone that is likely to be banned from the instance, so I'm not sure what else it could be.


When I try to upload an image by copying the image and pasting it on the "URL" field, I get the following error:

Invalid status 502 Bad Gateway for Some("003/004/170/971/9e93b608-72cb-4486-9a47-4c8c8c41e998") - \r\n502 Bad Gateway\r\n\r\n502 Bad Gateway\r\nnginx\r\n\r\n\r\n


Recently, every time I click on a "Trending Communities" link there's an entirely empty community moderated by the @[email protected] account.

What's going on?

What's the motivation?



I’m trying to follow Lennard Poetting (@pid_[email protected]) from my account without success.

On its user profile on, when I click on the “follow” button, then enter “” (which is in the completion list) then “take me home”, I am redirected to which is a 404 error.

I also tried to search for “@pid_[email protected]” directly from, found it, but 0 toot, and no button to be able to follow it.

Am I doing something wrong? Is and not federated?

submitted 3 months ago by cmeerw to c/meta

Anyone else noticing all those broken icons/images on this instance?

e.g. seems to result in something like "Request error: error sending request for url (http://pictrs:8080/image/process.webp?src=1e947440-0f0d-4768-ba4b-1480551e7cc9.png&thumbnail=96): error trying to connect: dns error: failed to lookup address information: Name or service not known"


cross-posted from:

Handling large bursts of POST requests to your ActivityPub inbox, using a buffer in Nginx

Fediverse traffic is pretty bursty and sometimes there will be a large backlog of Activities to send to your server, each of which involves a POST. This can hammer your instance and overwhelm the backend’s ability to keep up. Nginx provides a rate-limiting function which can accept POSTs at full speed and proxy them slowly through to your backend at whatever rate you specify.

submitted 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago) by Ategon to c/meta

Hey everyone! Recently there was a small issue with the backend (docker shenanigans) that brought the site down and then took a bit to fix

Things should be fixed for now and we will be looking more at it in the future to try to prevent the site from being taken down that way again

Downtime was around 30 minutes

The best place to reach us when theres an outage with the site and to receive updates of it is on the discord server or matrix space or on one of our microblog accounts

Lemmyvision Song Contest (
submitted 3 months ago by Ategon to c/meta

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a post here talking about an event going on in the fediverse called Lemmyvision. This is a competition where various communities each choose a song and then those are voted on by users to rank which ones people enjoy the most.

Its being ran as a fun way to see various kinds of music from around the world, sharing more between our online communities across Lemmy, and as a way to songs from lesser known artists. We are participating with game soundtracks as an opportunity to showcase new advancements in the game development space, especially for indie games that might otherwise not get much exposure.

There was a national final to determine the song our instance would submit in the event community. After voting the song Your Inception from the game Casette Beasts was chosen.

Submitted Songs and Voting

Ive compiled all of the songs into playlists on three different platforms for watching

Feel free to listen to them and vote using the voting link When selecting what instance you are representing theres an option to select for people voting from the instance.

Voting is done by ranking the songs from your favorite to your least favorite. Users from our instance can't rank the song we submitted to keep things fair.

If you want to chat with other people about the competition theres a community for it here

Future Events

This post will be going into the meta community for people who might not know the event community exists (and i'll likely be doing another post when the event Canvas is happening).

Any other future posts will be posted in the event community. All major event posts will be made on our blog with the category set to the event name and the tag "Event".


Thank you to everyone that submitted a report about the toxic user on our instance

Transphobia is absurd, horrid, and isn't allowed on our instance

As my software dev program finishes next week I'll be able to provide a quicker response to reports!

Thank you again to everyone making these reports🤗 and I highly encourage anyone else that spots anything sketchy to do the same as your reports helps us keep p.d a safe and cool community to share and discuss code related stuff🌻❤️

submitted 3 months ago by Ategon to c/meta

Hey everyone! Ive made a form that can be used to give feedback about the site including what you think its doing well and what you think needs improvement

Based on responses if something is highly requested we can prioritize improving/adding that first

Ill try to run these a couple times a year

Will be pinned for a day in the instance

submitted 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago) by bugsmith to c/meta

Hello P.D users.

I'm sure the recent news of's removal of piracy communities has not escaped the attention of many of you. For those who have not heard, here is their announcement on the matter.

Now, being as transparent as possible, this is not a subject that the admin team of P.D have discussed in great detail up until this point. We have yet to create an explicit rule stating that piracy related content is forbidden on this instance, and doing so is not something any of us wish to do.

With that being said, this topic requires more deliberation and consideration. There is more complexity to this issue than taking a stance for, against, or tolerant of piracy. There are legal considerations. And the truth is that we are not 100% sure on what the legal implications are for allowing piracy related content to exist on this instance, either directly on our communities or indirectly via federation.

One thing that must be considered when looking into the legalities is jurisdiction. I believe being part of a larger federation complicates this more than a centralised service, but P.D must at a minimum be considerate of the laws of the country its server(s) is hosted in, and the laws of the country the person responsible for the instance resides in.

For those who don't know, this instance is administrated by a reasonably large team of volunteers, but is hosted and ultimately provided by only one: snowe. There is no legal entity behind P.D other than his person, and this means that any ramifications of this subject ultimately fall on his shoulders.

After an initial discussion between us, it is clear that some professional legal advice is required. Snowe is intending to seek formal legal advice. Up until that point, we cannot say what the official P.D stance will be on this topic long term.

What I can say, is that nobody in this administrative team desires to impose any restrictions on users of this instance that overreach and limit discussion unnecessarily. So long as content here is not dangerous, hurtful or offensive, we have no wish to filter it out on an instance level. Communities can impose their own rules, for the most part.

You can expect a further update on this topic in the future, once we have a better understanding ourselves, and we will keep this topic as transparent as we possibly can. Until then, in relation to this matter, we do not currently intend to defederate from any instances or ban any communities that discuss piracy. Linking to websites that provide pirated content will also not be explicitly banned, but linking to or directly hosting pirated content on P.D is prohibited. Should any of these rules change, we will communicate it as quickly as possible and far ahead of any drastic action that would need to take place as a result.

I believe the majority of our users here will understand the pressure that any Lemmy instance faces by hosting content that can make them susceptible to legal action. To those of you who are understanding, we thank you for that, and are grateful for your patience with us while we get a better understanding ourselves.

Feel free to discuss this matter here.

The P.D. Admin Team.

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