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Oh, the indentation didn't work. Those steps happen within the installer.

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I'm happy that crypto is paying for opensource. Radicle might become something quite useful to devs who seek compensation for their opensource work.

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๐Ÿ’– thanks dude. Have a good day!

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No sure what you mean. On which step is writing formatted data to disk happening?

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dunno why I bothered. blocking people like you wastes less of my time

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I couldn't find the source for Q4OS's exe installer ๐Ÿค” They're on github and sourceforge, but neither have the source for it. Am I looking in the wrong places?

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I wasn't aware windows didn't have a swap partition. Thanks for pointing that out. Using the recovery partition instead should work too ๐Ÿค” I currently don't have a windows PC to test this on, nor find out how big the recovery partition is.

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Looks interesting, thank you. The biggest difference I can see here is the installation to virtual drive on an NTFS partition. But it's good to know that a lot of the work has been done. Probably one could go a little further and not use a virtual drive.

In the bad old days there used to be an ubuntu tool that you could install linux from windows.

Why bad old days?

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From another comment I made

A linux installer for windows that works just like a normal installer on windows. You download the .exe, double click it, it opens a wizard you can walk though, and by the end of the process, after it reboots, you're in a linux distro.

How could something like this be implemented?

My idea:

Best case scenario where multiple data partitions exist and can accommodate the user data stored on C:/ + there's a swap partition -->

  • download a linux iso
  • deactivate swap
  • replace swap partition with ISO contents
  • modify contents to auto install linux with settings from wizard
  • add boot entry to boot from old swap / modified ISO
  • reboot
  • install linux with a nice progress animation
    • move user data from C:/ to other partition
    • replace C:/ with linux
    • install alternatives to programs found on windows (firefox for edge, gimp for paint, inkscape for ..., libreoffice for MS office, etc.)
    • move user data to /home/$username
    • configure DE with theme (gnome for macos look, kde with theme for windows look)
    • other customisations
  • reboot into linux

Dunno if this is feasible in the best case scenario.

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No wonder people write resumes with AI. Like for like.

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People mocked China, but here we are. Surveillance capitalism looked at that country and said "we can do better".

But people are fine with it because "I have nothing to hide" makes sense to them or they simply don't care - until something happens to them.

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I've heard it thrown around in professional circles and how everybody's doing it wrong, so.. who actually does use it?

For smaller teams

"scaled" trunk based development

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I feel like there are many devs out there who expose a lot of personal details and opinions all over the web. Maybe it's just me, but when starting out with the internet I tried my best to separate my personal details (name, age, sex, country, ethnicity, family ties, relationship status,...) from usernames in public.

Seeing devs do it willingly and voice opinions on divisive or sensitive topics kind of messes with me. Aren't y'all afraid of missing out on job opportunities if someone reads your opinions, code, or other stuff tied to your personal accounts? Or letting anybody (maybe family, friends, acquaintances, ...) in on your personal life, mindset, opinions and other personal information?

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CID concept is broken (discuss.ipfs.tech)
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TL;DR IPFS's "content addresses" don't actually address the content but a tree of the content stored in a protocol buffer, making it impossible to convert a hash to a content address.

DHT of CIDs? More like a Distributed Table of Lies!

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It seems like every other week a game studio is massively laying off employees; sometimes after years of development. What I'm reading is that it's a quick way to lower expenses and pad the investors' pockets, flooding the market with developers and reducing their value, to then hire them back a few months later at lower salaries.

So, what's holding back gamedevs from banding together to either unionize or start their own companies with better conditions that the purely money-driven studios? Why aren't they trying to be better? Nobody willing to invest in them? Does starting a company together mean they will now be the bosses who have to answer to the investors, ensure returns, and fire employees? Is the world just an entire shit-cake?

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Some projects have been DMCA'ed and hosting them on I2P could be a viable alternative.

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There has been a lot of talk about companies and individuals adopting licenses that aren't OSI opensource to protect themselves from mega-corp leechers. Developers have also been condemned who put donation notices in the command-line or during package installation. Projects with opensource cores and paid extensions have also been targets of vitriol.

So, let's say we wanted to make it possible for the majority of developers to work on software that strictly follows the definition of opensource, which models would be acceptable to make enough money to work on those projects full-time?

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Fair-code is not a software license. It describes a software model where software:

  • is generally free to use and can be distributed by anybody
  • has its source code openly available
  • can be extended by anybody in public and private communities
  • is commercially restricted by its authors
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Let's say I had a few microservices in different repositories and they communicated over HTTP using JSON. Some services are triggered directly by other microservices, but others can be triggered by events like a timer going off, a file being dropped into a bucket, a firewall rule blocking X amount of packets and hitting a threshold, etc.

Is there a way to document the microservices together in one holistic view? Maybe, how do you visualise the data, its schema (fields, types, ...), and its flow between the microservices?

Bonus (optional) question: Is there a way to handle schema updates? For example generate code from the documentation that triggers a CI build in affected repos to ensure it still works with the updates.

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Related to a previous post

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April 23 (Reuters) - International Business Machines (IBM.N), opens new tab is nearing a deal to buy cloud software provider HashiCorp (HCP.O) , opens new tab, according to a person familiar with the matter. Hashicorp's stock surged 24%, giving it a market value of $6.1 billion, after the Wall Street Journal first reported the talks.

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