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Programming Is Mostly Thinking (
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I just finished watching Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository and honestly, while it looks intriguing, it also looks horrible.

Have you run into issues? Did you love it? How was it/


I'll need to cite a couple of tweets, so instead of wasting 10 mins to copy paste the data to bibtex I created this script in 30 mins.

  • Facebook does not use Git due to scale issues with their large monorepo, instead opting for Mercurial.
  • Mercurial may be a better option for large monorepos, but Git has made improvements to support them better.
  • Despite some drawbacks, Git usage remains dominant with 93.87% share, due to familiarity, additional tools, and industry trends.
Toolbox languages (
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Use plain text email (
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I've been seeing comments about mailing lists. They usually want plaint text emails like these.


With this post I've taken a bit more of a practical turn compared to previous Post-Architecture posts: It's more aimed at providing guidance to keep (early) architecture as simple as possible. Let me know what you think!


Someone mentioned they don't know how to use email with git. I remembered this cool website.


Did #julialang end up kinda stalling or at least plateau-ing lower than hoped?

I know it's got its community and dedicated users and has continued development.

But without being in that space, and speculating now at a distance, it seems it might be an interesting case study in a tech/lang that just didn't have landing spot it could arrive at in time as the tech-world & "data science" reshuffled while julia tried to grow ... ?

Can a language ever solve a "two language" problem?


Teaching Programming with BASIC (
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I am currently trying to implement a webserver on an embedded STM32F439 using the Mongoose library and Preact (3kB React equivalent made especially for embedded solutions).

My speciality is in embedded development and my web dev experience is next to nil, so I have a hard time finding a solution for my problem.

Right now, I tried to use Preact + Vite.js, but it seems to be causing issues when packing my webpage into my embedded system.

The workflow I am using right now is as follows:

  1. Create a webpage with Preact/TailwindCSS in jsx and build the page with npm run build. If I run npm run dev or start a http server with python3, the webpage loads properly.

  2. For Mongoose Library, since I don't have a file system, I use their packing utility which takes the webpage files and convert them into a C array that can then be unpacked by the Mongoose Library at runtime.

  3. Start the embedded server, get an IP and the server is online. At that point, I can customize my paths to show whatever I want and fetch embedded resources. The issue happens here. As I add more elements to my webpage, eventually, it stops working. It produces a range of issues (403 forbidden, illegal characters for example).

Preact+Vite.js is definitely creating some issue here with the embedded dev environnement, so I would like to explore more "barebone" options where I have more control over what is bundled and how it is bundled. It really feels like Preact+Vite.js is obfuscated a lot when bundling all the files together, and I would like to have more control over that part so that I can learn a little bit about the workflow of the bundling.

So my question is as follow : what other dev environnement do you recommend knowing that the webpage is packed in a C array and then runs on an embedded system with no file system?


Plugins and config file (self.programming)
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I'm asking for opinions and preferences.

There is no right or wrong.


I have a tool (server component, api only, no gui) that has a config file and no per-user adjustable things. The admin can change things, of course.

Now the tool gets plugins, where to configure them?

  1. All in one config file with plugins having a section for their things,
  2. plugins get their own config file.
  3. the main config points to a storage (database) with config options for everything, a kind of variant of 1.
  4. something else/better

Hoping for a civil discussion ;)




In this article, we will first discuss what performance is in general, and then we will discuss 10 Spring Boot Performance Best Practices to make our Spring Boot fast and resource-efficient.

The Illustrated AlphaFold (
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I started learning Perl some time ago I also made a IRC bot using it however it is a very simple and basic bot but it's something I made using Perl :D

I also stumble upon some language quircks of Perl it's has bash vibes where if you don't do things right way it punishes you. eg, when you forget to quote your parameter expansion and bash performs word spliting and you are confused what's wrong!

so now I learned I language which I can use to manipulate text :D

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