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There was one open a bit ago but its now closed. tldr the swap to Bun from node broke things on some operating systems

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The bot works on an opt in system, mods have to approve it for communities otherwise id be violating the bot guidelines

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Theres also tim sweeney a bit under

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I remember there was some equivalent action but dont know for sure what it was since I didnt use mobile

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Oh huh I didnt even realize you could pan like that, guess one of those has to be removed and moved to something else unless its detected between hold and tap

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scrolling the scroll wheel scrolls the map and clicking down on the wheel over a pixel color picks

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The only thing that was removed after the canvas freeze was the map flag

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You could middle click to color pick in the event

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To get it actually running you need to do more than set up just the env but ive got what I needed to do here

If you want to allow logging in so you can test the features that get unlocked from that heres some code changes to get it working so you can bypass setting up openid

Client will be up at localhost:5173

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You can see the final canvas here:

We managed to finish our design pretty quickly and there was also the godot logo, the lattice pattern to the right, the cable leading from the monitor to the outlet up near one of the other designs, and everything else people helped with!

Ill be prepping for the next canvas close to when that happens (next year) and if anyone else wants to help out with the design you can help plan it out in the event channel on the discord/matrix

If anyone wants to help out with developing new features for the next time canvas occurs the projects open source. Feel free to reach out to me and I can help get you set up with the codebase


Hey everyone! Thanks for participating in Canvas. I wanted to make a thread to collect together suggestions people have that can be worked on before the next Canvas.

Feel free to also throw in suggestions for future Events we can build and run for the fediverse.

Ill be collecting suggestions together and making issues for them in the repository for myself or some other contributors to work on (the projects open source so anyones free to contribute! Feel free to reach out to me and I can help get you set up with the codebase)

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As part of an update that was just pushed you can now enable "New Pixel Pulses" which will make a little circle for a bit surrounding any new pixels that get placed onto the canvas

You can use this to see where activity is happening on the canvas

This was originally made as a userscript by soda_cans and was adapted by me into the actual codebase

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Its fixed in the build im working on now and will be back soon. Just finishing up one other feature

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the green is blank pixels, its white on the actual canvas

Canvas now has Dark Mode! (
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Enjoy :)

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Currently on the canvas theres a bunch of blank space remaining. This is both due to people using the blank space as part of their design and due to some areas not having backgrounds yet!

(The green shade in the attached image is the blank canvas filter, you can find it in settings to see whats blank space and whats white)

As we head into the last part of canvas if you have any spare pixels you dont know what to do with you can drop some to help out some of the backgrounds

Some example locations:

Bi flag (around y=437)

Gray lattice (around 472, 461)

Whitespace in OSU (around 313, 265)

Void (around 709, 218)

Foliage (around 581, 493)

Yellow (around 74, 469)

Blue and Teal (around 271, 201)

White stripes in the upper flags (around 350, 46)

If you have any others post them in a comment


Image linked has a red line for where the cables currently planned to go. Any help is appreciated to give our monitor some power!

I started the cable from the outlet and its currently the gray color (third from the left) and will have some parts that need to be shadowed shadowed with the fourth color from the left in the palette

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Note if its resized the cooldown could also possibly be reduced

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After 15 hours of canvas being active we have finished the design for the instance (and c/godot is also complete over there as well)!

Theres one faction that is going around attacking things sometimes so we still need to defend the design but feel free to go out and help our neighbors! You can find some of the designs over in the group finder thread

One of our neighbors who needs some help is You can find their template here if you want to help build up their logo

Canvas has started, happy placing! (
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The canvas event has just started and will be active for 3 days. You can find the templates here:

one to one template for an instance design:

And then a dotted template here:

(includes the area,, and c/godot currently)

And then an image of the design

submitted 1 week ago by Ategon to c/godot

The fediverse canvas event is starting in a couple hours (event similar to r/place) and similar to last year I figured we can place the godot logo on it!

Canvas is an event where everyone can place a pixel every so often on a shared canvas. This can overwrite previously placed pixels which can lead to communities fighting for space on the canvas

You can find the link to it here:

I set up a template beside the main area that you can find from the below links. This can be edited if theres another godot design people like more but figured it was a good start. For real time chatting im active on the discord and matrix

one to one template:

dotted template:

Updated Canvas Template (
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Ive updated the canvas template a bit to include more communities below the main logo. Tried to include as many things as I could although a bunch are still missing

Template links:

One to one:


Row 1:

  • Neovim
  • Typescript

Row 2:

  • Android
  • Nix

Row 3:

  • Shell
  • Devops

Row 4:

  • ROS
  • Vue
  • Godot
  • VS Code
  • Raku
  • Javascript
  • Rust
  • Git
  • Pico 8

Row 5:

  • Unreal Engine
  • C#
  • Arduino
  • Performance
  • C++
  • Python
  • Nim
  • Pnpm
  • Forgejo

Row 6:

  • Lemmy
  • Gleam
  • Code golf
  • Concatenative
  • CSS
  • Flutter
  • Haxe
  • Programmer Humor
  • Angular

Row 7:

  • Linux 4 noobs
  • Visual Studio
  • Node.js
  • Spring
  • Haskell
  • Unity
  • OpenTofu
  • CS Career Questions
  • Gitlab

Row 8:

  • Zed
  • Graphql
  • a11y
  • htmx
  • Screeps
  • Linux
  • Astro
  • Julia
  • HTML

Row 9:

  • Bevy
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Iceshrimp
  • Powershell
  • Tmux
  • Sublinks
  • Programming Languages
  • Windows

Might do another update to add on even more if I get time to do so

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I collected together all of the templates I could find for different groups (originally did this to see where I can expand the template out to but figured other people might be interested so they can see where there wont be as much conflict for space

Most of these are from the group finder thread. Some may be a pixel off but I tried to get things as close as possible (some of these are recreated since I couldnt get the source image from imgur or the source image is larger and was shrunk for the canvas with me not being able to replicate the shrink behaviour)

The factions included in here are:

  • Australia
  • Bronies
  • Osu
  • New Zealand
  • Blahaj.Zone
  • Programming.Dev
  • SquaredCircle
  • Arecibo message
  • Touhou
  • SCP
  • Anarchy chess
  • Perchance

Ill try to do an updated post if needed with additional factions that post their templates close to when the event starts

And if theres anyone who wants to join up with the template if youre tech related or if you want to ally feel free to reach out (you can find our groups in the group finder thread)

edit: moved SquaredCircle since they moved to not overlap with Osu

edit 2: added Lilou41's template

edit 3: updated osu and bronies to be more recent art

edit 4: added Lvxferre's template

edit 5: added touhou hijack

edit 6: added jlai lu

edit 7: added scp

edit 8: added godot and ategondev

edit 9: added anarchy chess, perchance, and feddit

edit 10: added another aus template

edit 11: fixed aus size

edit 12: moved triangle position

edit 13: added dolls now and paf

edit 14: updated toast art

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Canvas is happening in almost a day! This is an event similar to to r/place where everyone can place a pixel on a canvas every so often. Everyone has access to the same canvas meaning you can work together to construct art and wars can happen for territory leading to needing to defend things that get constructed

The event link is here:

This is the second time the event is taking place. Ive attached an image of what our area looked like the first time it happened.

Last time canvas took place it was limited to only lemmy users due to limitations in the log in system. This time however its open to all fediverse users so there will probably be a lot more competition for space

The main locations for dicussing the event for is this community, our discord and our matrix if you want to chat with other people participating

Theres a design that will be getting made for in general but if any communities want to organize something feel free to plan out something nearby or elsewhere on the canvas. Any help getting the design built will also be really appreciated since then we will be able to expand out the design and get more communities represented in the community icons

You can use this template to know where to place pixels for the design when the event is happening

One to one:


edit: added c/godot and to the template

This design may get updated as the event goes on so check for any updates every so often so you dont erase work

Ill be active over in the event channel in discord & matrix (theyre bridged to each other) and will be posting some announcements in this community. Feel free to make posts relating to the event in here

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