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Here is how you can add a simple action to open a folder in VSCodium within Nemo file manager.

  1. Create a new file in ~/.local/share/nemo/actions/ and name the file vscodium.nemo_action
  2. Open the file in a text editor
  3. Copy the code below into the file
[Nemo Action]
Name=Open in VSCodium
Comment=Open VSCodium in the selected folder
Exec=codium "%F"
  1. Save the changes made to the file
  2. Now when you right click inside a folder in Nemo, it will show an option "Open in VSCodium" and when you click this option, it will launch VSCodium using the currently directory as the workspace.

This can be modified to work with Visual Studio Code (Which is closed source unlike VSCodium) by editing codium "%F" to code "%F"

Sleep Sort (www.aprogrammerlife.com)
submitted 1 week ago by [email protected] to c/vscode

Time complexity isn't even associated to the size of the list. Amazing!

  • Preview: Incoming/Outgoing changes graph - Visualize incoming and outgoing changes in the Source Control view.
  • Python environments - Enhanced environment discovery with python-environment-tools.
  • Smart Send in native REPL - Smoothly run code chunks in the native REPL.
  • GitHub Copilot extensibility - Chat and Language Model APIs available in VS Code Stable.
  • Preview: Profiles Editor - Manage your profiles in a single place.
  • Custom tab labels - More variable options and support for multiple extensions.
  • TypeScript 5.5 - Syntax checking for regular expressions and other language features.
  • JavaScript Debugger - Inspect shadowed variables while debugging JavaScript.

I need to be able to see the difference between the current working file and the previous commit as I am editing the file. The only history plugins I can find either use pop-ups (which disappear when I start typing) or a dedicated diff-view which takes up too much space on my small monitor.

  • Editor tabs multi-select - Select and perform actions on multiple tabs simultaneously.
  • Profiles - Open new windows with your preferred profile.
  • Editor actions - Immediately access editor actions across editor groups.
  • Copilot extensibility - Build AI into your extensions with the Chat and Language Model API.
  • VS Code Speech - Automatically read out Copilot Chat responses with text-to-speech.
  • Find in notebooks - Restrict search to selected cells in notebooks.
  • Chat context - Quickly attach different types of context in chat.
  • IntelliSense in chat responses - Better understand generated code with IntelliSense.

Is there an extension that allows for automatic stashing on branch switch like GitHub desktop does?

There was an a proposal about it, but it got declined: https://github.com/microsoft/vscode/issues/86668

  • Preview Markdown images & videos - Hover over a link to preview images & videos in Markdown.
  • Enhanced branch switching - Restore open editors seamlessly when switching between branches.
  • Middle-click paste support - Paste text quickly in the terminal using a mouse middle-click.
  • WSL over Remote - SSH - Use WSL when connected to a remote machine via Remote - SSH.
  • Accessible View - Navigate through comments, chat code blocks & terminal commands from the Accessible View.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for UI actions - Customize keybindings for UI actions directly with a right-click.
  • Quick Search - Search for text across your workspace with Quick Search.
  • AI-powered rename suggestions - Get intelligent rename suggestions in the editor with Copilot.
  • Copilot content exclusion - Exclude files from being used in the Copilot context.
  • Local workspace extension - Include and install extensions directly in your workspace.
  • Apply custom editor labels - Distinguish between editors with same file names.
  • Locked scrolling - Compare editors side-by-side with synchronized scrolling.
  • Extension update improvements - Restart extensions without reload & update extensions with VS Code releases.
  • Test Coverage API - Native code coverage support in VS Code.
  • Folding markers in minimap - Easily identify and navigate to code sections from minimap.
  • Quick Search improvements - Sticky file path separators and separator buttons.
  • Notebook Run cells in section - Quickly run all cells in a notebook section.
  • Copilot improvements - Improved inline chat UI, commit messages, and used references.
  • Python auto-detect improvements - Detect startup files for Flask & Django, discover Hatch environments.
  • Preview: Terminal inline chat - Start a Copilot inline chat conversation directly from the terminal.
  • Voice dictation in editor - Use your voice to dictate directly in the editor.
  • Multi-cursor inline suggestions - Review and accept inline suggestions for multiple cursors.
  • Copilot-powered rename suggestions - Get rename suggestions for symbols from Copilot.
  • Side-by-side preview refactoring - Preview refactorings across files with multi diff editor.
  • Smarter Python imports - Improvements for adding missing Python imports.
  • Sticky scroll in editor - Sticky scroll is enabled by default in the editor.
  • Multi-language support for speech - Multiple languages supported for speech recognition.
  • Copilot suggestions for dev containers - Get template and feature suggestions for dev container configurations.
submitted 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago) by [email protected] to c/vscode
submitted 6 months ago* (last edited 6 months ago) by [email protected] to c/vscode

I am an intermediate VSC user, and have a problem with commands that are too close to each other in the right-click context menu for the SFTP. I constantly click something other than the top one marked here. It causes a mess that's easy enough to clean up but it's annoying. Any suggestions here?

  • Floating editor windows - Drag and drop editors onto your desktop.
  • Accessible View workflow - Smoother transitions to and from the Accessible View.
  • Finer extension update control - Choose which extensions to auto update.
  • Source Control incoming and outgoing view - Easily review pending repository changes.
  • JavaScript heap snapshots - Visualize heap snapshots including memory object graphs.
  • TypeScript Go to Definition from inlay hints - Jump to definition from inlay hint hovers.
  • Python type hierarchy display - Quickly review and navigate complex type relationships.
  • GitHub Copilot updates - Inline chat improvements, Rust code explanation.
  • Preview: expanded Sticky Scroll support - Sticky Scroll in tree views and the terminal.
submitted 7 months ago by [email protected] to c/vscode

Maybe this is just an issue with my inability to format code effectively or maybe I'm just undiagnosed dyslexic (Open Dyslexic really does help me) but I have issues with my functions running together when I'm writing for more than five minutes. Is there an addon for VS Code that would highlight the background of my function bodies with different colors? I know that this is oddly specific, but I think this would really help. If it's language specific, I spend most of my time writing Go.


i hadn't fired up my python project in an age, probably two vscodium updates. when i did, i had no more syntax checking and the alert window showed errors reaching the 'jedi' server.

downgrading the vscode-python extension to 2023.16.0 was seen as the surefire way to clear this. it worked for me, too - got my syntax error highlighting back and no pesky errors in the alert pane.

they created a new issue against the extension, or the packaging system, or something, which was closed immediately though the problem still persisted. the chatter was about a cache, somewhere, with a lot of 'perhaps' and 'if'. one day i'll try bumping this back up, maybe after vscode-python passes the problematic 2023.18.0 version.

  • More audio cues - New audio cues to indicate clear, save, and format activity.
  • Activity bar position - Move Activity bar to the top for compact display.
  • Hide editor tabs - Show multiple, single, or no editor tabs.
  • Maximize Editor Groups - Quickly expand the active Editor Group.
  • Python improvements - Better run code in terminal, easier virtual environment creation.
  • FastAPI tutorial - Learn about developing Python FastAPI apps with VS Code.
  • Gradle for Java - Improved support for Java Gradle projects.
  • Preview: GitHub Copilot - Chat "agents", generate commit messages, terminal support.
  • Accessibility improvements - Screen reader support for the pull request comments.
  • Better Command Palette search - New "similar commands" list to help command discovery.
  • Add custom icons to profiles - Display an icon to easily identify the active profile.
  • Compact editor tab height - Shrinks editor tab height for larger editor region.
  • Dedicated pinned editor row - New editor tab row supports pin/unpin via drag and drop.
  • Go to Symbol in notebooks - Quickly navigate to code symbols in your notebook.
  • Python debugger updates - Configure whether to step into system/library or just your code.
  • Preview: GitHub Copilot - Test generation based on current framework and project conventions.

I was just thinking that sometimes I avoid breaking functions in a file into multiple modules because I don't want to deal with the hassle of switching files. One way to remove that hassle would be to have a way to view all the files in a folder in a single tab with each file appended to the list, so I could scroll through or search all of them in the same tab.

Does VS Code already have an extension like this? If not, is the VS Code extension system flexible enough to implement this feature?

FSI Start (programming.dev)
submitted 10 months ago by DrDeadCrash to c/vscode

Hi everyone, I'm trying to try out F# via FSI in VS Code (Windows 10)

I have Ionide for F# installed, and have used it before, but now every time I try to start it I get a message "FSI :Start resulted in an error", it goes on to helpfully report "the option has no value".

dotnet is in path, dotnet works great. FSI? nothing.

I also have the .net workload installed for visual studio 2022 (if that matters).

I started up my Linux VM (KDE Neon) fired up vs codium and tried FSI Start...same error! So no tinkering in f# for me tonight. Does anyone have an idea what's happening, across two environments? Google is no help...

  • Accessibility improvements - Accessible View support for inline completions, updated keybindings.
  • Built-in port forwarding - Forward local server ports from within VS Code.
  • Sticky Scroll updates - Scrolls horizontally with editor, display last line in scope, folding UI.
  • New diff editor features - Detect moved code, dynamically switch inline and side-by-side view.
  • Command Center displayed by default - Quickly open files or run commands from the title bar.
  • Copy Notebook output - Easily copy cell output as well as generated images.
  • WebAssembly debugging - Decompile WASM code to step through and set breakpoints.
  • New TypeScript refactorings - Move to File and Inline Variables refactorings.
  • New Python Formatting topic - Learn how to integrate formatters such as autopep8 and Black.
  • Preview: GitHub Copilot - CreateWorkspace command previews file structure of proposed code.
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