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Apparently someone did, and the ensuing chorus of "No, we don't want that!" is being ignored.

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You can upvote this comment if you want them to provide a proper setting instead of having to edit the registry.

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Typical Microsoft - just ignored all the people saying "please don't do this".

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It's NOT off by default. It's on/off according to the setting you have for "Receive updates for other Microsoft products. Get Microsoft Office and other updates together with Windows updates". If you have that on, then auto VS-updating will ALSO be on. The controversy is no developers want auto-VS updating on, even if they DO have that other setting on. Auto-updating Office and auto-updating VS aren't the same thing at all. I for one never update Windows and VS at the same time, because if something breaks in your app, then how do you know which update broke it if you did them at the same time?

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"'the next generation of Windows PCs', differentiated by the AI experiences that will be exclusive to them"

No thanks. I'm good.

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For the people saying Python is beginner friendly, no, it isn't. I had to teach it to high school students (I had no choice in the language). Having to have exact indenting, whilst also not caring at all about how you use your variables, not to mention is OOP, is all a bit much for some students, some of whom don't even fully grasp how to use loops yet. One step at a time.

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That's because Microsoft isn't officially in the Fediverse (yet), and this is a project Maho - who is a Microsoft employee - did in his spare time. There's also a note there about where to give feedback if you'd like Microsoft to officially have a Fediverse presence.

I'm not sure if Maho is on here himself, but Nick Cosentino - another Microsoft employee, and the 2nd person to follow the bot - is, and I'm sure he'd be happy to clear up anything. :-)

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People also forget that smartphones existed before iPhones and MP3 players existed before iPods.

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Look for every time Apple has said "reimagined" and you'll find a feature that Android had 5 years earlier.

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I actually was a teacher for a while (Computer Science and Maths), and I still do tutoring. When I started working with Xamarin, with no prior .NET/C#/GUI experience (just shell scripts and programs in DOS and Unix), it became clear as day to me that no-one at Microsoft had the slightest idea how to teach things. That hasn't changed even now. The documentation is horrendous - they don't even follow basic grammar rules like spell out an acronym in full the first time, so first time you hit one and you don't know what it is, now the document is useless (because they haven't linked to any assumed background knowledge either - have you tried Googling COM to find out what it is?). When I told someone there (who I won't name) they said "it's near impossible to cater for all levels". No it isn't - you start with the fundamentals (or link to them) and build your way up to the more advanced.

Microsoft documentation...

Here's my blog on writing a MAUI UI in C# which illustrates how to write a document (though I realised later I missed linking a few things and still need to go back and fix those) - Creating MAUI UI's in C#

It's also an issue with their templates - there's no such thing as a "blank" MAUI app. They stuff a bunch of stuff in there which violates "teach one concept at a time". I was so relieved when I found out how to make my own templates! (shell be gone! XAML be gone!)

Here are the basic rules of teaching...

I would add to that (for documentation) always spell out your acronyms in full the first time, link to any assumed knowledge, have step-by-step instructions, and make sure you cover different uses from basic to advanced (and don't damn well use Foo Bar - use a real world example).

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The disagreement was actually all over whether the question was about a switch or a button, and so some people were answering as though it was a switch, and some people were answering as though it was a button - switches and buttons do indeed have opposite approaches usually (a switch usually shows the current state - such as "on" - but a button shows what action will be triggered by pressing it, such as "play").

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This whole thread is about buttons

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