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I was wondering if there was a Web Application where I can work on Android App Development. Think of it like if vscode was only built for Android Development, and how cool it would be to develop android apps directly into your browser, just like vscode.dev.

Now, I was thinking of using vscode.dev and installing Gradle and Kotlin packages from the marketplace, but I was wondering if there was another alternative instead of using a Microsoft Product.

Likewise, I'm on an Xbox One where I can only use the Browser, can't install anything.

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Say you have HTML similar to the following:

<div style="background-image: url('https://some.domain/image')"></div>

and you want to extract https://some.domain/image using XPath. With XPath 2.0, you can select the URL with something like

select-before(select-after(//div/@style, "backgound-image: url("), ")")

but, when using XPath 1.0, this fails — I think it's due to nested functions not being supported in XPath 1.0, but I have been unable to find documentation to confirm that. Is there a way to accomplish this using XPath 1.0?

State of HTML 2023 (2023.stateofhtml.com)
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Results of the State of HTML 2023 Survey are out.

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This is nice huh? I remember there was a dude here who wanted to make a language called 'ParenScript', I don't know if he wanted to make it Scheme compliant or not but this is a good resource for inspiration.

Many people hate on JS for its syntax, I don't exactly know what is wrong with JS' syntax

it's just a Fortran-derived syntax. But these people have no reason to hate it if they use this

Unless they hate S-Expressions too? Then I guess they're just chuds lol.

Now this does not have syntax-rules, which is a pity but I guess the old macro system is good too (define-macro). Keep in mind that these macros, like Mike Rotch, are not hygenic. Meaning if you name something foo in the macro's body, and there's another thing named foo in the closure the macro is invoked at, they will conflict.

Thanks, enjoy.

I made a thing (codepen.io)
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Single HTML element + CSS only

  1. Inhale for 4 seconds
  2. Hold for 4 seconds
  3. Exhale for 4 seconds
  4. Hold for 4 seconds

And repeat

Inspired by: https://quietkit.com/box-breathing/

Note: The current Safari version has a bugged linear() implementation that has been fixed in the upcoming version.

Do we need Live Reload (Watch) in bundlers? (marketplace.visualstudio.com)
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Do we need live reload feature in bunders? Couldn't we just use this extension for Visual Studio Code or simular features and extensions in other IDEs which will execute a custom command of your choice when you save a file with a certain file extension in your IDE?


This extensions allows you to customize the commands to execute in saving a file in your global VSCode settings and in the VSCode workspace settings .vscode/settings.json, allowing others to use the same configuration in group projects.

Lightning CSS does not have a live reload feature and the live reload feature in Rollup cannot handle watching many files, however using this extension in VSCode, will not watch files but run the npm run dev:css or npm run dev:js command when saving a css or js file without watching for files to change.

One downside I see with this is when working on a project with others who are using different IDEs that do not support this feature. Besides that, is there any downsides to this approach?

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I have been building several react components as libraries to use as part of a bigger idea.

While writing up documentation I realised the examples I provided were Stories I had created for Storybook to test the look of the components.

The storybook MDX documentation seems to provide a nice way to document your stories.

But I am hitting an issue, ideally I would like the Storybook Sidebar/view to be embedded into my page layout (for consistency) or failing that themed to use the same colours/icons/etc..

The documentation seems out of date with Storybook 8 using a different structure and while I have tried to populate a ThemeVar object it seems several of the fields need specific unspecified input.

Has anyone done anything like this before and how well did it work for you?

Websurfx 1.15.0 release (programming.dev)
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Hello again!!

Sorry for the big delay in the announcements. I know it has been a long time I have not made any announcements, but I will try my best next time this doesn't happen again.

So, through the medium of this post I would like to share with you all the v1.15.0 major release version of the websurfx project which was released on the 25th of March.

If you are new, and you don't know what is websurfx then I would suggest taking a look at my previous post here:


Which covers in depth about what the project is and why it exists.


Before I share with you the changelog, what this release version means and a preview on what we are planning to work on for the next major release v2.0.0. I would first like to thank all our contributors and maintainers because of whom this was all possible. Specially I would like to thank spencerjibz, ddotthomas and evanyang1 who have been invaluable to the project. Also, Websurfx would not have been possible without alamin655 and xffxff early involvement.

Thanks 💖 to all the people involved in the project

Now, let's dive straight into what this release version actually means.

What does this release version means

This new release version v1.15.0 introduces the new ranking algorithm for search results on the search page which ranks the results based on the relevancy to the user's search query.


The changelog of all the changes can be found here:


Preview of the goals for the next major release

  • Different levels of privacy to choose from with the help of rust's conditional compiling features (In progress).
  • Even more engines will be supported.
  • Categories would be added to search results like images, news, etc.
  • More themes will be provided by default
  • More animations for the websurfx frontend will be supported.
  • Multi language support would be added.
  • I2p and tor support will be provided.
  • Reduce animations would be added for those who don't want animations and effects on the frontend.
  • And lots more ✨.
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I'm confuse about those mandatory legal notices that governments impose for websites..

Before going further I invite you to read:
A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
Discourse on Voluntary Servitude[^1] \

From all the articles^2 that I read about the mandatory notice to display for website none of them reference the URL of their claim !! / of the legal text !! WTF[^links]

Internet is by essence world wide, and when reading all those legal requirement it's seem that you should display notices for EVERY country !

it's seem also that if you own a private website, just for your own or family use, like for example a web file hosting services. (NextCloud etc..) You should comply with the same requirement that are asked for company ! again... WTF !

Also I don't understand, why make mandatory those notices...(beside the scam (money) ) , I'll come back to this below.

  • If you want to buy something off a website, and this later do not mentions any legal address , contact info and so on, the responsibility to buy or not should be only yours. (For example, will you buy a yogurt in the supermarket if there were no brand, contact info on the packing or bill ?)
  • if the state want to ~~censor~~ "regulate" a website on the old internet[^OI] there is plenty of way to know who is the author or at the very least where is it hosted..
  • if a website use/distribute a copyrighted© elements. The right holder can do/contact in the following order:
    • check the website for contact (if any)
    • check the DNS record
    • check the hosting
    • contact the owner of the IP (IP are leased by company../ ISP )

So there is no sense to ask everyone that extra heavy burden. The only advantage is for law firm (and those cookies related firm) that make a profit out of it. I heard in my entourage peoples that had pay thousandth of $$ to generate those text, keep up to date etc.. even for small website.

  • If you think those legal notice are a good thing please do not hesitate to motivate your answer.
  • If you have any good links about it, feel free to share.
  • What are you doing your self on website of customer and/or for your private websites ?
  • if you know a Lemmy community worth to share this post, step forward.


CrossPosted on:https://lemmy.ml/post/15583047

https://archive.org/details/0000-00-00-00-etienne-de-la-boetie-00_202201/1548-00-00_Discourse%20on%20Voluntary%20Servitude_1942_org/mode/2up \

https://www.websitepolicies.com/blog/legal-requirements-for-websites [^OI]:The one that you are using now with the domains scam. A future internet might be using TOR or GNU Name System

[^links]: if you have those links feel free to share !

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I have created this app for javascript beginners. Users can attempt daily quiz and see the explanation after each answer. Also providing the frequently used code snippets, you can download beautiful images of code snippets and quiz. Please provide your feedback.

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I discovered this webpage

Where it say

The Fetch API is the modern replacement for XMLHttpRequest.

Without further explain on why so...

Did you (yourself) migrated from XHR to The Fetch API ? and is it better ? or do you know any (not bias) article about it ?

What about performances etc..


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Fedify is an ActivityPub server framework in TypeScript & JavaScript. It aims to eliminate the complexity and redundant boilerplate code when building a federated server app, so that you can focus on your business logic and user experience.

The key features it provides currently are:

  • Type-safe objects for Activity Vocabulary (including some vendor-specific extensions)
  • WebFinger client and server
  • HTTP Signatures
  • Middleware for handling webhooks
  • NodeInfo protocol
  • Node.js, Deno, and Bun support

If you're curious, take a look at the Fedify website! There's comprehensive docs, a demo, a tutorial, example code, and more.

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I have a Deno Fresh app, it runs fine for the most part but there is an issue on load in a browser that hasn't cached anything, clicking the about button doesn't work on the first click but does on the second if you click another in between.

There is also an issue in my android phone where it stutters when scrolling down to the about section as the animation loads.

Any help would be amazing, the repo is here

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Back to Basics in Web Apps (lackofimagination.org)
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Hi there,

I have written an article on implementing server-side caching that ensures your app stays fast as you scale.

I’ve used ExpressJS for the API server, and React for the frontend.

Hope this helps someone!

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Fediverse traffic is pretty bursty and sometimes there will be a large backlog of Activities to send to your server, each of which involves a POST. This can hammer your instance and overwhelm the backend’s ability to keep up. Nginx provides a rate-limiting function which can accept POSTs at full speed and proxy them slowly through to your backend at whatever rate you specify.

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Node Authentication With Passport.Js (javascript.withcodeexample.com)
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Today I am super proud to announce that I have finally picked up the task of finishing my book titled, "HTML: A Comprehensive Guide". I am writing the book in public and releasing it under the MIT license.

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