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Great list, thanks!

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Any topic!

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I know an old person in a tropical country. A few months ago she started having blood pressure issues so her doctor put her on about 3 or 4 different medications. They didn't help very much.

Then about a month ago she got air-conditioning in one of the rooms of her house. Boom, blood pressure problems all solved immediately.

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Holy shit!

Original music video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drPZiXn9G3k

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The original, longer, mix is more of a journey - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqPAOsIEDcI

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Original music video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TA2JRUEmAA

This 2014 remix has a more 'big room', dreamy take on it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHl_uZuSLGc

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Patriarchy has everything to do with men, but at the same time, nothing at all. In a male-centered society where maleness is associated with power, what’s really being centered is power itself. What’s suppressed is mutual relationality. Patriarchy is intertwined with colonialism, racism, and other oppressive social structures based on hierarchy. It is a fundamental fracturing of our human wholeness.

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I'm sorry to hear that.

Some Lemmy apps have keyword filters that may help?

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Advocates for the use of trigger warnings suggest that they can help people avoid or emotionally prepare for encountering content related to a past trauma. But trigger warnings may not fulfill either of these functions, according to an analysis published in Clinical Psychological Science.


Many new topics (piefed.social)
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An amazing combination of strategic commentary, drone footage and helmet cam footage.

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Our results show that women's contributions tend to be accepted more often than men's [when their gender is hidden]. However, when a woman's gender is identifiable, they are rejected more often. Our results suggest that although women on GitHub may be more competent overall, bias against them exists nonetheless.

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Yeah although if Russia wins it'd involve "unstable geopolitics" too.

This could be a long war.

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To fascists, hypocrisy is a virtue:


They NEED to demonstrate their hypocrisy in order to signal to their supporters that the nasty shit they promise to do to The Other (immigrants, gays, whatever) won't be done to their supporters.

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This documentary explores the experiences of Aboriginal Australians in modern Australia. The title is derived from the Aboriginal homeland community of Utopia, Northern Territory, one of the poorest and most desolate areas in Australia.

After almost three decades since he made a similar documentary, Pilger discovers that Aboriginal families are still living in extremely overcrowded and poorly sanitized asbestos shacks, and are plagued by easily curable diseases. The film goes on to explore some of the issues currently afflicting Australia such as; failed health policies, Aboriginal deaths in police custody, mining companies failing to share the wealth they have acquired with the first Australians and the disputed allegations made by the media and government that there were pedophile rings, petrol warlords and sex slaves in Aboriginal communities and the resulting 2007 intervention. The film also features a visit to Rottnest Island, Western Australia, where an area that was used as a prison for Aboriginal people until 1931, has now been converted into a luxury hotel where tourists are not even informed of the island's brutal history.

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So much wholesome advice!

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Here's some highlights from the last 3 weeks and who contributed:

Mastodon integration - freamon

Mastodon accounts can follow PieFed accounts (but not the other way around). Look for the 'follow on Mastodon' button on local accounts e.g on mine: https://piefed.social/u/rimu. Once followed, new posts they make will show up in your Mastodon feed.

This is a major piece of work and I expect improvements to this will continue for some time.

Post and comment languages - rimu

Whenever you make a post, you can specify the language it is in. Communities can have one or more languages. Filters for language have been added to the community list and search.

Interface language switcher - rimu

PieFed tries to detect your preferred language based on your browser settings but you can override this in your profile settings.

French UI language process - wazaby

Pretty soon you'll be able to use PieFed in French! We went with the 'inclusive writing' version of French but if someone provides a traditional French translation then people could switch to that using the previously mentioned language switcher.

Hashtags - rimu

Posts can have a list of keywords (hashtags) associated with them. This will help make posts more visible on Mastodon. Kbin/Mbin supports hashtags also so there is already some content that uses hashtags. This post has 4 tags on it, for example. See all tags at https://piefed.social/tags.

Spam finder - rimu

When spam is reported and the community and instance that it is in has been abandoned, the report is unseen by anyone. Luckily the downvote signal federates to everyone so we can use that to spot likely spam. Admins now have a page which lists content which is

  • recently posted
  • heavily downvoted
  • posted by new accounts

Simple yet very effective.

Subscribe to anything - rimu

Look for the bell icon next to headings. Topics, People, Communties, Posts and individual Comments can all be subscribed to. You'll receive a notification whenever there is a new post in that topic, a reply to that comment, etc etc.

Masonry fix - rimu

Posts in galleries are now ordered horizontally (in a 'Z' pattern) rather than in columns which is a more intuitive and natural way to order images.

Print stylesheet - rimu

PieFed and Pixelfed are the only fediverse platforms that look decent when a page is printed. I tested them all.

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It's too early to say, as the method of accounting for 'active user' changed recently.

Seems to me like Lemmy is "consolidating". Some people are leaving but the community is deepening in norms, understanding, commitment and cohesion. This shows up as better content and discussions all the time. Spam is snuffed out quickly, more communities have better moderators. Our infrastructure is maturing and the software is getting better.

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Fedi garden is just someone's website, they can put whatever they want on it. No big deal.

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By making really short songs.

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This might just be for government computers, not the entire country - see https://www.ft.com/content/7bf0f79b-dea7-49fa-8253-f678d5acd64a

Still, the overall direction and intent is clear.

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Just because Tesla made a lot of bad choices, that doesn't mean all EVs for all time will always be more expensive.

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Vegans love to conflate all meat into one big group because their goal is to make veganism look good in comparison.

In reality, beef is the main problem.


It would be a lot more environmentally effective to convince people to reduce beef consumption and replace it with chicken/pork instead, but vegans aren't interested in that because for them it's not really about the climate - it's about reducing animal suffering and death.

This duplicity muddies the waters and makes getting real actual change that would benefit the climate harder to achieve and less likely to happen.

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