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Greetings everyone,

We wanted to take a moment and let everyone know about the [email protected] community on Lemmy.World which hasn't gained much traction. Additionally, we've noticed occasional complaints about Business-related news being posted in the Technology community. To address this, we want to encourage our community members to engage with the Business community.

While we'll still permit Technology-related business news here, unless it becomes overly repetitive, we kindly ask that you consider cross-posting such content to the Business community. This will help foster a more focused discussion environment in both communities.

We've interacted with the mod team of the Business community, and they seem like a dedicated and welcoming group, much like the rest of us here on Lemmy. If you're interested, we encourage you to check out their community and show them some support!

Let's continue to build a thriving and inclusive ecosystem across all our communities on Lemmy.World!

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My take on this is no they don't. As long as they are truthful they only report on the quality of the product and prevent many people of spending a lot of money from losing it by buying something that doesn't work.

If your product is shit your company does not deserve to be shielded from the backlash, this is the core of (classic) capitalism after all.

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Google warns users of these apps that their experience may deteriorate soon. They may "experience buffering issues" or see errors such as "the following content is not available on this app" when trying to watch videos.

Similar to Google Search, ads have become insufferable for many users of the service. There are too many of them, they may break the viewing experience, and they may show inappropriate content.

YouTube Premium is expensive. What weights more for some users is that its functionality is severely limited when compared to third-party apps.

The cat and mouse game continues.

For those looking to avoid ads or improve privacy, here are some options for free, open source, privacy-friendly frontends to YouTube without advertisements:


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I'm not sure if they could picked a creeper way for it to stand up.

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Internet-scraping outfit Spy.pet claims to have harvested more than four billion public messages made by nearly 620 million users on more than 14,000 Discord chat servers – and is selling access to this trove.

The website presents the data it's collected in several ways. Each known user has a profile, which contains all known aliases, pronouns, connected accounts to other platforms such as Steam and GitHub, Discord servers joined, and public messages. If you wanted to quite literally spy on a Discord user or users, Spy.pet lets you do that, for a fee.

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Unfortunately I was proven to be right about Riley Testut. He's yet another greedy person barely batter than Apple. After bitching to Apple to remove GBA4iOS from the App Store he's now leveraging Delta to force people into his AltStore.

Delta has finally made its way to the App Store. Additionally, the Delta developer has also published their alternative marketplace, AltStore, in the EU today.

If you're in the EU you'll only be able to get Delta on the AltStore and that requires:

This is complete bullshit he could've just launched Delta on the App Store in Europe as well but he decided not to.

Thanks Riley Testut for being a dick to the people that actually forced Apple into allowing alternative app stores in the first place.

Github issue related to this dick move: https://github.com/rileytestut/Delta/issues/292

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Big Tech Is Faking AI (www.youtube.com)
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A new report has shown that Amazon's "Just Walk Out" AI checkout process is actually processed by 1,000 staff in India.Tech companies are under pressure to d...

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Relevant bits from the article:

Broadcom has blinked, and made a couple of changes to support VMware customers who don't want to move to its new software bundle subscriptions.

Customers also told Tan that "fast-moving change may require more time, so we have given support extensions to many customers who came up for renewal while these changes were rolling out."

The other change is providing some ongoing security patches for VMware customers who persist with their perpetual licenses instead of shifting to Broadcom's subs.

"We are announcing free access to zero-day security patches for supported versions of vSphere, and we'll add other VMware products over time," Tan wrote, describing the measure as aimed at ensuring that customers "whose maintenance and support contracts have expired and choose to not continue on one of our subscription offerings." The change means such customers "are able to use perpetual licenses in a safe and secure fashion."

So, tiny win if you're already on a perpetual license though I don't think the subscription enshittification train has reversed course.

Meta and Lavender (blog.paulbiggar.com)
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A little-discussed detail in the Lavender AI article is that Israel is killing people based on being in the same Whatsapp group as a suspected militant. Where are they getting this data? Is WhatsApp sharing it?

Lavender is Israel's system of "pre-crime" - they use AI to guess who to kill in Gaza, and then bomb them when they're at home, along with their entire family. (Obscenely, they call this program "Where's Daddy").

One input to the AI is whether you're in a WhatsApp group with a suspected member of Hamas. There's a lot wrong with this - I'm in plenty of WhatsApp groups with strangers, neighbours, and in the carnage in Gaza you bet people are making groups to connect.

Why is Meta doing this? Why is Meta so happy to share metadata about group membership with Israel – a run-around the idea of a "private" social network – and to be complicit in the genocide?

Let's look at their leadership, in particular the three most senior leaders who have close ties to Israel.

Their Chief Information Security Officer, Guy Rosen, is their most senior policy decision maker. He is Israeli, lives in Tel Aviv, and was in the Israeli military in Unit 8200. Unit 8200 is the Israeli NSA and is the department that built and runs Lavender. Insiders tell me that Rosen is the person most associated with the anti-"anti-zionism" policies, and is also responsible for the suppression of Palestinian content.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta founder and CEO has also been a significant supporter of Israel's propaganda. Zuckerberg gave $125k to Zaka, one of the groups that created and continues to spread much of the original Oct 7 false atrocity propaganda, including the discredited "Oct 7 mass rape" hoax.

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1: Use browser Addon uBlock Origin or other extension for picking and disabling HTML such as Tampermonkey etc.

  1. Open Discord in Browser

  2. Pick and make filter against elements:


NOTE: This will also bug the preview for files when you click them, but it's still usable.

For those of you who wish to backup Discord posts and conversations, you have a few choices.

  1. If you are very tech-savvy you can transfer everything over to a Matrix Self-Host, then take it offline so that it functions as a storage medium.

  2. You can use several open source tools such as Tyrrrz's discord chat exporter

Be warned: leaking your Discord User Authentication Token could be potentially harmful.

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The service offers the ability to purchase credits through cryptocurrencies, as well as offers the data for AI training purposes.

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