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I got a drawing tablet a couple of days ago and I really wanted to be able to scroll with it (it only has 4 buttons). I saw that it might be possible on X11 with xsetwacom but I'm on wayland and I couldn't find any way to make it work. So I hacked this together. Idk if anyone would find this useful but I did see a few threads around while looking to solve this exact problem so here you go.


The largest governmental fund for opensource is in danger of being cut by the EU in 2025!


The external developer who started the work and was highly praised by Gitlab offered to work for them if they made a team around federation --> nothing.

A group of French universities are now considering making a group in order to work on it themselves and contribute back to Gitlab.

Gitlab will most likely use it as a big selling point once all the work has been done by externals with little to no cost to Gitlab.


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Much have been said about the need to pay Open Source developers for their work and the fact that huge corporations use open source software without contributing back.

Most articles I’ve been reading on the subject completely miss the mark. Plenty of commentators try to reinvent some kind of "free software but with forced contributions" or "free software but non-commercial". Those are naive and wrong. If you impose limitations, it’s, by definition, not free software anymore.

The problem is not about Open Source or Free Software. The problem is everything else.


Crejs enables you to start building your applications faster, from setting up a project to installing a UI framework, all ready to use out-of-the-box.


After reading this post about Rust having a "supply chain problem" and @[email protected]'s response linking to the blog post "I'm not a supplier", I couldn't help but think of this talk (opensource conference hosting exclusively on youtube, make that make sense).



I want a command line tool like graphviz to create graph in ascii. It would be nice if it can do more than just create graph, maybe some kinda ascii drawing based on provided input.

because sometimes I want to explain some stuff online and don't want create entire image using GIMP or something. I just want simple tool that creates the thing.

Thank you in advance!


So I remember back in the day when Source Forge was THE place to share open source projects. What ever happened? I can't think of a single recent project that is there. Everything is on GitHub, although I've also seen some things on Codeberg and GitLab recently.

Will github eventually go the same way?


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Hi everyone. I'm launching Linguist Translate, an open-source, full-featured translation solution with an embedded offline translator based on the Bergamot Project created by Mozilla.



Today, Linguist is launched on ProductHunt. Support the project who really care about privacy:

Linguist is not just a wrapper over Google Translator like many other extensions. You can use any translation service with Linguist, thanks to custom translators! You may even deploy any machine translation (like LibreTranslate) on your localhost and then add this service to Linguist.

All features are included: text translation, full-page translation, selected text translation, Text-To-Speech, dictionary, history, and even more.


I am not following these claims carefully, but I have seen tons of copies of Lawnchair in the Playstore.

Another recent event that comes to my mind is the Simple apps, which AFAIK they always were open source? But that didn't matter until it got sold and then Fossify was the non shit version of it (the positive side of open source).

darktable 4.8.0 released (
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Write Free Software Community (
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"This community exists to support people in their free software journeys. If you have questions about how a particular license works, or which to choose for your project, how to re-use software, advice on managing a healthy community, and so on, this is the place for you."

Encrypted P2P Chat (
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I'm excited to share with you an instant messaging application I've been working on that might interest you. This is a chat app designed to work within your browser, with a focus on browser-based security and decentralization.

What makes this app unique is that it doesn't rely on messaging servers to function. Instead, it works based on your browser's javascript capabilities.

Here are some features of the app:

  • Encrypted messaging: Your messages are encrypted, making them more secure.
  • File sharing: Easily share files using WebRTC technology and QR codes.
  • Voice and video calls: Connect with others through voice and video calls.
  • Shared virtual space: Explore a shared mixed-reality space.
  • Image board: Browse and share images in a scrollable format.

Your security is a top priority. Here's how the app keeps you safe:

  • Decentralized authentication: No central server is required for login, making it harder for anyone to gain unauthorized access.
  • Unique IDs: Your ID is cryptographically random, adding an extra layer of security.
  • End-to-end encryption: Your messages are encrypted from your device to the recipient's device, ensuring only you and the recipient can read them.
  • Local data storage: Your data is stored only on your device, not on any external servers.
  • Self-hostable: You have the option to host the app on your own server if you prefer.

A decentralized infrastructure has many unique challenges and this is a unique approach. Ive taken previous feedback and made updates. Its important to note, it is still a work-in-progress and provided for testing/review/feedback purposes.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

The live app

About the app


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