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I can totally see how it could be read like that!

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Five-a-side is a specific format of football (soccer), aimed at more casual play with a much lower bar to skill level. Outside of five-a-side leagues (which do exist), it's rarely played with fixed teams and often ran in a more "pick up group" fashion.

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Five-a-side football (soccer). I'm not a sporty person, but started going with a local group a few years ago and have reaped the benefits of doing some intensive team exercise once per week. I go with a bunch of guys way older than I am, and it's amazing how fit and healthy they are compared to the average person I meet of their age. I certainly plan to keep this up so long an injury doesn't prevent me.

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Is it perhaps time to unsticky this thread, as it's been six months?

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Nice. I've not seen any of your other videos yet, but I can say that for this one, I really loved that you just jumped straight in to the action and kept the video tight, without missing important details.

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I really admire her after seeing this. She is so dialled in to what's going on in her working area, and she doesn't get flustered when probed with follow-up questions. Regardless of party, we could do with more people like her running and being elected as MPs - but I imagine she wouldn't even consider it.

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You know, I wish I could enjoy IRC - or chatrooms in general. But I just struggle with them. Forums and their ilk, I get. I check in on them and see what's been posted since I last visited, and reply to anything that motivates me to do so. Perhaps I'll even throw a post up myself once in a while.

But with IRC, Matrix, Discord, etc, I just feel like I only ever enter in the middle of an existing conversation. It's fine on very small rooms where it's almost analagous to a forum because there's little enough conversation going on that it remains mostly asynchronous. But larger chatrooms are just a wall of flowing conversation that I struggle to keep up with, or find an entry point.

Anyway - to answer the actual question, I use something called "The Lounge" which I host on my VPS. I like it because it remains online even when I am not, so I can atleast view some of the history of any conversation I do stumble across when I go on IRC. I typically just use the web client that comes with it.

What is a collision? (www.sassnow.ski)
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For Lemmy, it is the latter. Federated content is stored locally on each instance.

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I really like Nushell. I would not run it as a daily driver currently, as it mostly doesn't win me over from Fish, feature-wise, but I love having it available for anything CLI date pipeline work I need to do.

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I think that is really in the spirit of Lemmy and the Fediverse. Pick an instance that aligns with your interests / identity / geography / etc, and use that as an entry point to the rest. It doesn't work so well if that entry point has overzealous gatekeeping.

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We have not blocked anything proactively.

For us, it was a priority to get some open communication out on this issue, due to any uncertainty caused my Lemmy.world's actions.

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Unfortunately, there are some cases of direct linking occurring. Fortunately, it's mostly caught by moderators and admins and removed. Defederating is certainly an extreme case, and it's absolutely not something we're intending to do. It would be an absolutely extreme scenario for that to occur in this case.

Shouldn’t we defederate .world?

There is no appetite to defederate from lemmy.world. I know their some of their decisions have been unpopular with some users, but they are by far the largest Lemmy instance, and that puts a target on them. Like us, they are a bunch of volunteers trying their best to run a large community and that will sometimes mean making decisions they probably aren't keen of themselves.

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Hello P.D users.

I'm sure the recent news of lemmy.world's removal of piracy communities has not escaped the attention of many of you. For those who have not heard, here is their announcement on the matter.

Now, being as transparent as possible, this is not a subject that the admin team of P.D have discussed in great detail up until this point. We have yet to create an explicit rule stating that piracy related content is forbidden on this instance, and doing so is not something any of us wish to do.

With that being said, this topic requires more deliberation and consideration. There is more complexity to this issue than taking a stance for, against, or tolerant of piracy. There are legal considerations. And the truth is that we are not 100% sure on what the legal implications are for allowing piracy related content to exist on this instance, either directly on our communities or indirectly via federation.

One thing that must be considered when looking into the legalities is jurisdiction. I believe being part of a larger federation complicates this more than a centralised service, but P.D must at a minimum be considerate of the laws of the country its server(s) is hosted in, and the laws of the country the person responsible for the instance resides in.

For those who don't know, this instance is administrated by a reasonably large team of volunteers, but is hosted and ultimately provided by only one: snowe. There is no legal entity behind P.D other than his person, and this means that any ramifications of this subject ultimately fall on his shoulders.

After an initial discussion between us, it is clear that some professional legal advice is required. Snowe is intending to seek formal legal advice. Up until that point, we cannot say what the official P.D stance will be on this topic long term.

What I can say, is that nobody in this administrative team desires to impose any restrictions on users of this instance that overreach and limit discussion unnecessarily. So long as content here is not dangerous, hurtful or offensive, we have no wish to filter it out on an instance level. Communities can impose their own rules, for the most part.

You can expect a further update on this topic in the future, once we have a better understanding ourselves, and we will keep this topic as transparent as we possibly can. Until then, in relation to this matter, we do not currently intend to defederate from any instances or ban any communities that discuss piracy. Linking to websites that provide pirated content will also not be explicitly banned, but linking to or directly hosting pirated content on P.D is prohibited. Should any of these rules change, we will communicate it as quickly as possible and far ahead of any drastic action that would need to take place as a result.

I believe the majority of our users here will understand the pressure that any Lemmy instance faces by hosting content that can make them susceptible to legal action. To those of you who are understanding, we thank you for that, and are grateful for your patience with us while we get a better understanding ourselves.

Feel free to discuss this matter here.

The P.D. Admin Team.

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