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founded 1 year ago

Canvas has ended! 🎨 - final canvas


While I am refactoring the code to new features from Bevy 0.14, my wife continues making models.

I think Bevy can look attractive. However, I am still not fully satisfied with my lighting configuration and will come back to it later.

Hardware issue (
submitted 6 hours ago by [email protected] to c/linux

Today, i turned on my Mint pc and it wouldn't let me type in a passpowrd. Even the mouse was not reacting.

So i rebooted, got a massive text wall that mentioned something about not syncing

When i rebooted again, it wouldn't start up only a few rotations with the fans and then it restarts and repeats this loop

I assume that this is a hardware issue but what should i be looking into and how do i make the recovery as smooth as possible?

Crowdstrike (
submitted 7 hours ago by [email protected] to c/programmer_humor

Blogs, Articles, and Posts

  • Upgrading the Teams and Groups Activity Report to 6.0
    The Teams and Groups activity report is a popular script that helps administrators identify inactive teams and groups within a Microsoft 365 tenant. The script code has been developed over the years. The last version converted to Graph API requests to improve performance. This time, the upgrade is to use the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK to make the code easier to maintain.
  • Getting Started with PowerShell and the ServiceNow API
    Unlock the power of ServiceNow's API! Learn how to set up your developer account, create an OAuth app, and make your first API call using PowerShell.
  • Install AWS CloudShell in a VPC
    Recently, AWS announced the general availability of CloudShell VPC support. This feature enables the creation of a CloudShell environment within a dedicated VPC, establishing secure connections to other resources in the same subnet. The CloudShell inherits the VPC network configuration without any additional modification. In this article, I will introduce CloudShell, explain the new VPC support, and outline how to install AWS CloudShell in a VPC.
  • Restoring the NVIDIA Control Panel and Tools after the Appx Package Change
    With the move from the Standard driver model to the DCH (Declarative Componentized Hardware) driver model implemented from GRID 15.0 (Windows driver version 527.41) and above, the NVIDIA Control Panel app is now distributed through the Microsoft Store as an Appx Package.
  • PowerShell PSDrive
    This is sometimes forgotten, the easy way of accessing or checking network drives, certificates, registry, variables, etc. In this blog post, I will show you what a PSDrive does and some examples of its use.
  • Practical Graph: Using GitHub Copilot for Microsoft 365 PowerShell Development
    GitHub Copilot costs $10/month. At that price level, anyone working with PowerShell should try out the AI assistance to see if it helps. But will GitHub Copilot work well with Microsoft 365 PowerShell modules like Exchange Online and the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK. That's what we tested and report on here.

Projects, Scripts, and Modules

  • UniGetUI (formerly WingetUI): GUI for winget, Chocolatey, and PowerShell Gallery
    UniGetUI, previously known as WingetUI, is a free GUI tool that lets you easily install and update software packages from various sources, such as Winget, Chocolatey, and PowerShell Gallery. Let me show you UniGetUI's features and how it can help you quickly set up a new computer with all the essential software.
  • A PowerShell Form Generator
    This article is an evolution of the previous, it regards not only the implementation of the package, but in particular a new paradigm with which the form objects are specified; the article is not intended to be an exhaustive explanation of the product, for this please refer to the attached documentation.

Books, Media, and Learning Resources

  • PowerShell 101
    Reluctant to learn PowerShell? This condensed version book targets the specific topics you need to know to be successful in a real-world production environment.
  • PSDates with Matthew Dowst
    Matthew Dowst talks about PSDates, a great module for working with [DateTime] in PowerShell


  • Emrys MacInally Explores PowerShell Error Handling and Module Versioning Strategies
    In this episode, we welcome back Emrys MacInally, following another successful year speaking at PSConf.EU. Emrys shares his experiences and highlights from the conference, shedding light on key discussions and takeaways. We dive deep into the importance of mental health within the PowerShell community, exploring how the community can support each other. Emrys provides insights into best practices for versioning PowerShell modules and delves into the nuances of error handling, explaining why developers should avoid using the 'throw' statement in scripts. Additionally, Emrys introduces his ErrorRecord module, which simplifies the process of creating error records, offering a practical solution for more efficient error management. Tune in for an enlightening conversation packed with valuable tips and expert advice for PowerShell enthusiasts.
  • Navigating Corporate Giants - Jeffrey Snover and the Making of PowerShell
    What if you had to fight against your company's culture to bring a revolutionary tool to life? Meet Jeffrey Snover, the Microsoft architect behind PowerShell, a command tool that transformed Windows system administration. Initially met with skepticism, Snover's idea faced resistance from a company that favored graphical interfaces. Snover's journey began with a simple mission: to make Windows as command-line


Check out for all past editions as well as a searchable archive.


Seeing the crowdstrike solution reminded me of the old memes

Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\CrowdStrike

Locate and delete file matching "C-00000291*.sys"

submitted 9 hours ago* (last edited 3 hours ago) by [email protected] to c/ios_dev


  • Follow YouTube channels
  • Save videos for later
  • Filter out #shorts
  • Custom playback speed per channel
  • (pre-select) chapters
  • Picture-in-Picture & background audio
  • & more

It‘s free & open source

I‘m not extremely experienced, so any kind of feedback (especially code related) is very welcome :)


Hi friends, Not sure whether this little tool could be of use to anyone here, but I thought it might be interesting to share.

I was running into problems on my VPS due to high-memory usage, which led to my email server going down with all the consequences that come with it. I tried using Grafana Agent to monitor the server's state, but with 2GB memory, the tool's footprint was creating more problems than anything else, so I reinvented my own, square, low-memory footprint, wheels.

Cheers everyone.

Activate Bluetooth (
submitted 10 hours ago by JPDev to c/software_gore
Googling (
submitted 10 hours ago by JPDev to c/programmer_humor
  • Make installation and updates easy & quiet by adding “Yes (Silent)” button. (Fix #8514)
  • Add new options ‘/closeRunningNpp’ & ‘/runNppAfterSilentInstall’ in the installer. (Implement #15230, implement #15280)
  • Fix crash of “Next Search Result” command on the empty search result. (Fix #15247)
  • Fix the regression where the Find dialog size is not remembered across sessions. (Fix #15294)
  • Fix the regression of content lost by using Encoding “Convert to…” commands. (Fix #15324, #15271, #3054, possibly #9426)
  • Fix the regression of exception/crash on Windows Server Core 2022. (Fix #15313)
  • Prevent DirectWrite from being enabled under Windows Server. (commit)
  • Enhance the quality of Fluent toolbar icon sets for different DPI settings. (Fix #15253)
  • Improve the look & feel of tabbar close button in dark mode. (Fix #15321, implement #15326)
  • Improve the dark mode tab bar icon in the search results panel. (Implement #15286)
  • Add ability to pre-populate the predefined color sets for custom tones. (Fix #15055)
  • Add “Show All Character” popup menu on toolbar button. (Fix #14832)
  • Fix the rectangular selection copy-paste bug. (Fix #15139, #15151)
  • Allow opening shortcut files (*.lnk) directly if the file extension is changed. (Fix #9643, #11089, #10139)
  • Fix the lost panels issue. (Fix #13084)
  • Add Backspace unindent option. (Fix #15180)
  • Fix CSS more indentation bug. (Fix #14962)
  • Include F13-F24 keys in Shortcut Mapper. (Fix #11975)
  • Fix the problem where the last empty clean untitled tab cannot be closed after renaming. (Fix #15306)
  • Add plugin a command (NPPM_SETUNTITLEDNAME) to rename untitled tab. (Fix #8916)
  • Display a message box with information about disabled backward regex searching. (Fix #15239)
  • Fix the display glitch for unsaved tabs containing tab characters. (Fix #15202)
  • Fix status bar and tab bar flicker during the GUI updated (fixed only for dark mode). (Fix #15260)
  • Fix the issue with “Begin/End Select” command after deletion. (Fix #15221)
  • Resolve the integer overflow problem in the Column Editor. (Fix #15167)
  • Adjust the position of hits text in the File Progress dialog. (Fix #13426, #15244)
  • Fix the deployment of other software blocked due to NppShell. (Fix #62)
2024-07-15 Emacs news (
submitted 10 hours ago by mac to c/emacs

cross-posted from:

  • Facebook does not use Git due to scale issues with their large monorepo, instead opting for Mercurial.
  • Mercurial may be a better option for large monorepos, but Git has made improvements to support them better.
  • Despite some drawbacks, Git usage remains dominant with 93.87% share, due to familiarity, additional tools, and industry trends.
submitted 10 hours ago by mac to c/nodejs
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submitted 10 hours ago by mac to c/git
submitted 10 hours ago by mac to c/vcs
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