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Oh my fucking god FUCKING FINALLY

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I prefer Cats

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What? Dank Crop?

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Tension not someone made it.


Thanks to @[email protected]. Also can you share tempelate so we can defend it?

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Thanks and It was end of Katana.


Well, We have 4 options

  1. Move to more left or somewhere else(I can help you)

  2. I place pixel around leaves lettter as it is.

  3. Make letters of different color or gradient like Rainbow.(I can help you)

  4. I place my pixel at last minutes and remove your pixels(I don't want to use this) or same goes for you.

Well, I already used 2nd and 3rd option. First, I change "o" and "l" to Red. You can see on Timelapse. Then, I change it back to black to leave as it is and place my pixel around your .lol. So, I don't piss you but you still my remove my pixels. If you have any other option tell me. I will help you.


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I was on Chronos while making this.

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It's like reddit r/place not a logo designing competition


Zed is a modern open-source code editor, built from the ground up in Rust with a GPU-accelerated renderer.


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