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There are two good options: Host your own blog yourself, or join a blogging platform that isn't corporate. I personally use BearBlog but I've heard good things about Write.as as well. These two have free blogging options and don't sell your data. If you want to host it yourself (which is safer), check out Hugo.

Ultimately, bots scrape the entire internet and there's no guarantee they will honor robots.txt of a particular website (which tells bots what they are and aren't allowed to do). If it's on the internet, people can scrape your content and there isn't much you can do about it. That shouldn't stop you from writing or blogging, just don't post very personal data.

Also, feel free to join us on [email protected]!

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Probably very unstable, but worth trying for people that are impatient.

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How my weekend is going (programming.dev)
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Getting Riff-Raff as my first joker activates all my dopamine receptors.

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  • 2D physics interpolation: Should heavily reduce jitter and make the game smoother on higher refresh rates!

  • TileMap layers are now separate nodes: Each layer is now its own node. This is huge because it means it's easier to manage, easier to iterate over, and each layer can have its own settings and move separately.

  • Option for checking for engine updates automatically

  • Reverse Z for the depth buffer: They made a blog post about this a few days ago.

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I've been following this proposal around for the past few months, it's really interesting. Godot could be the de-facto library for complex 3D rendering in any app since it's really feature-rich and not that huge (I think the runtime is like ~60 megabytes? It could likely be smaller with further optimization and stripping features you don't need).

Also I don't remember who said this but if this goes through it could allow C# web builds by loading Godot is a library.

Kind of a shame this came as 4.3 is in feature freeze, it would've been nice for it to be included in the next update.

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One of the devs wrote a blog post a while back talking about his first impressions with Godot.

TL;DR: Really positive on Godot but things that should be improved are text and how Godot handles texture atlases (I totally agree on both)

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That just because I'm a programmer that must mean I'm a master of anything technology related and can totally help out with their niche problems.

"Hey computer guy, how do I search for new channels on my receiver?"

"Hey computer guy, my excel spreadsheet is acting weird"

"My mobile data isn't working. Fix this."

My friend was a programmer and served in the army, people ordered him to go fix a sattelite. He said he has no idea how but they made him try anyways. It didn't work and everyone was disappointed.

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Surely this means they have plans to fix screenshare audio on Linux, right? ...Right?

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downvotes come at a “cost”, whereby if you want to downvote someone you have to reply directly to them with some justification, say minimum number of characters, words, etc.

I think it's the complete opposite. Platforms with downvotes tend to be less toxic because you don't have to reply to insane people to tell them they're wrong, whereas platforms like Twitter get really toxic because you only see the likes, so people tend to get into fights and "ratio" them which actually increases the attention they get and spreads their message to other people.

In general, platforms without upvotes/downvotes tend to be the most toxic imo. Platforms like old-school forums and 4chan are a complete mess because low-effort troll content is as loud as high effort thoughtful ones. It takes one person to de-rail a conversation and get people to fight about something else, but with downvotes included you just lower their visibility. It's basically crowdsourced moderation, and it works relatively well.

As for ways to reduce toxicity, shrug. Moderation is the only thing that really stops it but if you moderate too much then you'll be called out for censoring people too much, and telling them not to get mad is just not going to happen.

My idea for less toxicity is having better filtering options for things people want to see. Upon joining a platform it would give easy options to filter out communities that are political or controversial. That's what I'm doing on Lemmy, I'm here for entertainment, not arguing.

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I have. Disappointingly there isn't much difference, the people working in CS have a 9.59 avg while the people that aren't have a 9.61 avg.

There is a difference in people that have used AI gen before. People that have got a 9.70 avg, while people that haven't have a 9.39 avg score. I'll update the post to add this.

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The servers can't even seem to keep up

A screenshot of the fund.godotengine.org servers down

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FNA is an open-source re-implementation of Microsoft's XNA Game Studio framework, which is pretty old. It got discontinued in 2013. Terraria was made with XNA, so it makes sense the devs have a soft spot for it.

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Fastest post in the west.

Major companies messing up are a great boon for open source projects. Much like how Lemmy got support from Reddit messing up, Godot is now having its time in the spotlight. I'm feeling better and better about switching to more open source apps and platforms throughout the year, I only hope the trend continues!

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As far as I know Unreal's source code is available but the licensing isn't, so the company still owns it and can still charge you for using it.

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Creators of the Unity engine want to charge developers per game install, the more people that install the game the more you have to pay. This includes games that already exist and never agreed to this. It also causes a lot of safety concerns, how will they confirm how many installs a game has? Are they bundling spyware with Unity games?

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