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So yes, increasing shareholder value is enshrined in US law. Only private corporations can get around that rule.

This is true, with one exception.

There are non-profit corporations. They have to declare that they are non-profit at the time of foundation, though. They have to write that in the statute (idk what it's called in English, it's "Satzung" in German).

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This is not intended as "how to grow all your food you ever need at home".

It merely provides the vegetables.

You still have to get your grains (and therefore the majority of your calories) from somewhere else.

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These greentexts are a treasure trove of ideas. And nobody can convince me otherwise.

Maybe some call it unhinged, but some of it just has that kind of refreshing other-ness.

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Hey there ;-)

These are my own thoughts about the US-China PV trade tariffs.

My goal is to point out how solar installations are a good thing. And US should lower tariffs on PV imports.

Here are my points:

  • National security:

It has been argued that by relying on Chinese solar panel imports, the US makes itself dependent on China in a critical part of the economy.

I disagree with this point of view:

Solar panels are a very durable product, and once installed, can last easily for 20+ years. There is no urgent, or immediate need to replace them, in case a US-China war breaks out. Therefore, the US does not make itself more dependent on China energy-wise by importing solar panels.

Actually, quite the opposite is the case IMO:

In case WW3 breaks out (let's hope not but what if), then the US would be vulnerable by being dependent on fossil fuel imports that have to be shipped daily, or at least, regularly. By installing solar panels, they do no longer depend on recurring, regular imports. (Because solar panels only have to be imported once, not regularly).

  • Economic arguments:

It is argued that by fostering the domestic solar panel production capability within the US, that could drastically make the domestic economy grow. It has been argued that instating tariffs on Chinese solar panel imports, and using the so-collected tariff money to subsidize the domestic solar panel market, would foster that goal.

I want to show that, while this is true, also the opposite is true:

Lowering tariffs has the consequence of providing even cheaper energy to the domestic economy, thus making all production (and therefore virtually every product in the market) cheaper, which stimulates the economy and increases the economy overall (price elasticity).

So we have to compare the economic benefit of producing solar panels domestically, against the economic boost that cheaper energy provides. I would say (due to my gut feeling) that the second clearly outweighs the first, so the economy actually profits in total, if solar panel tariffs are dropped, because energy becomes cheaper and stimulates the economy.


To the downvoter(s), please explain why you disagree. Or is it just not the appropriate place to discuss these things? If so, where would be a better place?

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big if true

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Basically, the issue is that this Golden Rice is a foreign species in Philippines. That comes with a lot of complications.

Most importantly, local farmers don't have the knowledge how to deal with this new type of rice. They are worried that their native species are being replaced and could go extinct, which would be difficult to revert. It would lead to yet another platform lock-in.

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Nono you misunderstand. It's not "non-binary".

I'm calling myself enby, which is short for ein bisschen gay.

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Year Of The Linux Desktop

Personal freedom (lemmy.dbzer0.com)
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republicans are raping the planet.

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I honestly started out not liking systemd at all, mostly due to the reports that it did waaay to much, but nowadays, I like the concept.

It is basically officially moving daemon management from a script-based approach to a table/database-based approach. That improves static analyzability, therefore increasing clarity, and probably even performance.

I agree that we should abandon scripts and move towards declarative software management, and abandoning sudo for a more declarative system seems like a good step to me.

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IMO the only way to not be infected by bot content is to not be popular, or small enough to be irrelevant.

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Smartphone manufacturers, if you're reading this:

I spent 6 hours on google to find a phone with a screen smaller than 6 inch. I did find none (except an old iPhone, but I want android), so I had to buy one 6 inch. It is too unwieldy. I am annoyed.

There is a serious market for people like me. Do not look away. Somebody will buy these phones.

Also, by the way, it's not bad if the phones are a bit thicker.

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Honestly the problem I see here is not the layoff, which was disguised as a "lack of performance". Yes, it wasn't done perfectly, but still, it's no tragedy.

What is definitely the problem here is the absolute lack of a social security system in the US. That should be implemented.

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Other example would be "all men have penis". Accusing someone for "faking their identity".

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Well yeah, they look the same because they solve the same problem. How to transport stuff safely from A to B.

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