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Turtles are SURPRISINGLY FAST and also have SHELL ACCESS so every Linux geek should appreciate them

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Most common mouse problem I have is that grime gets in the wheel and it acts up or seizes up. (Cleaning wheels is also a huge headache with newer mice.) Buttons rarely quit working. ...except on some of my Logitech mouses, sometimes the buttons just started going funky or died. My Microsoft wireless travel mouse has kept working for years. I have an Microsoft Intellimouse Optical from early 2000s that I still use with Raspberry Pi, no problems.

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As it says on AdoptOpenJDK page, the project has rebranded to Adoptium.

I use Adoptium on Windows (dunno, seems to run Minecraft, OK, that's good enough for me). On Linux I just use whatever OpenJDK is packaged in distro.

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Sharing screenshots and video captures.

The only place where I tried to use it was on Xbox back when Xbox One first came out, and I didn't like the way it worked back then, so I didn't really use it much. It didn't send the actual media to Twitter, it posted a link to the file, and Xbox screenshots got deleted after 30 days. If I wanted to properly post it so that the media was actually hosted on Twitter, I had to save the full res media anyway.

(In fact actually saving full resolution Xbox screenshots used to be needlessly difficult. Only much later they added a way to save screenshots to OneDrive, which occasionally worked, and only very recently they decided they don't bother with the Xbox screenshot hosting at all and auto-upload everything to OneDrive.)

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The applications for "NOSLEEP" and "R/NOSLEEP" were filed by Reddit Inc in... August 3, 2018?

And "THE NO SLEEP PODCAST" by Creative Reason Media (the actual publishers of the podcast) was filed in August 5, 2016, but... got dismissed or abandoned?


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Hillary was hardly alone in that. Can't find the exact video, but the point of the video that Jimmy Kimmel platformed Trump, with the guise that the show was "apoliticial". The video argued that that was not the case. The broader argument: "If you're atheistic, you denounce the existence of gods. If you're polytheistic, you acknowledge the existence of multiple gods. Now, if you acknowledge the views of all political candidates going your way, you are not apolitical. You're polypolitical."

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Huh, I didn't know snakes can climb that well.

One of my favourite surprising animal facts is that many semiaquatic turtle species can actually climb over substantial obstacles. They have claws, and when climbing, they actually move very slowly and methodically. (Turtles are also surprisingly fast on flat ground. It's just that the shells are a bit cumbersome.)

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The whole "The_Donald was a FBI honeypot" is a pretty strongly persistent urban legend. And obviously false. Surprises me how many people thought that was legitimate.

Ask yourself: Shouldn't there have been results sooner? Would FBI (or whoever) have left an obviously dangerous forum open for honeypot purposes for years and years? If this really was a honeypot operation, wouldn't they have made arrests as soon as they could? And if this really was the case, shouldn't we have the details by now (FOIA requests or whatever)?

Of course not. US law enforcement would have immediately involved themselves if there were any credible threats posted there. But they don't really do much about festering pits of far-right radicalisation. It was left open with the full approval of Reddit admins. Can't really claim ignorance on their part either.

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To adapt an old joke: "If you see a raging dipshit driving like a lunatic in the middle of the road with their giant-ass car, you should contact the nearest police officer immediately. It's possible they're behind the wheel."

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The meme is from around 2000. Originally it was about downloading MP3s.

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I'd argue that Audacity (audio recording/editing/processing suite) is a little different niche than Reaper (full-fledged DAW). If your use case is "I'm doing a podcast and I need to do an audio recording from multiple mics and mix them down", Audacity is good enough that there's no point in paying extra for a DAW. If you're a musician and you need to mess nondestructively with recordings and MIDI and filters, then you know you need to go bigger.

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[Not my photo obviously]

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Despite the obvious levity, this is actually serious. It was made by why the lucky stiff, a pretty prominent member of Ruby community, back in the day. This, however, was part of his mysterious burnout manifesto, for lack of better term. He really really bloody needed a break.

"programming is rather thankless. u see your works become replaced by superior ones in a year. unable to run at all in a few more."

submitted 3 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/programmer_humor

Also shout out to all shell programmers and turtle graphicians and turtle roboticians! Turtles are really awesome, they have shell access! And won't be rushing to push anything on production too fast either.

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In Wikimedia projects (and MediaWiki systems in general) you actually have to pay attention to other people's usernames (when working with histories and in article discussions), and at least in Wikipedia long long time ago there was a lot of trolling/vandalism where people impersonated other users (particularly the admins) and made bunch of sockpuppets with tiny variations in names when they got banned. So this rule makes sense.

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When I read the sentence, I was like "Wh... w... how? WHY? ...and OF COURSE it was distributed via FTP, I mean, what else do you use for entertainment in AIX. Or business, for that matter."


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My brain goes all mushy and mellow when it notices that I'm apparently in proximity of a slower kind of a fellow. 🐢

(Close-up of a radiated tortoise (astrochelys radiata*) , from Wikimedia Commons)

(* Everything is more awesome when you put astro- in it)

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A lot has changed since the late 1980s. I can now run Thunder Blade off of a flash cartridge (EasyFlash3). And in general I've grown so cynical of in-game product placement that it's not even funny.

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To be perfectly honest, this makes it sound like it aired here in the saturday mornings. Hell, sunday mornings. ...It did not. Deep into weekend nights, as far as I can recall, and obviously this thing here is a fandub - it aired here in Japanese.

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(Not my image, so I didn't actually measure this buddy's speed, sorry. I don't know where this was actually taken or what tortoise species this is. This may LOOK like a left hand drive country, but do the tortoises know the traffic laws? ...that's another matter, you know.)

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