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Right, but you can have exactly a third of some group of particles. You can't have exactly pi of some group of particles I think is what they were saying

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If you have three particles, 1/3 of that is one particle. No need to divide an indivisible particle.

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Making your own protocols means vulnerabilities are more likely. Better to use one that's been tested and audited (unless it's following something like this EU thing of course)

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Comment from my group project teammate. You don't need to comment every line lol

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Don't know how to post the boomerang, but passed everything else (I think) as a 20 year old gen z

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Yeah. It's not even the fact that they don't implement Nearby Share themselves that's bad, it's that the restrictions they impose on apps means that an app can't even implement Nearby Share themselves

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Everyone in the comments: "Actually I don't have the same problems so this is wrong"

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I'm honestly excited. He mentioned in the video how there will probably be some more experimental stuff, and I really like his experimental stuff. Money, for example, was really good. And there's still Lateral for us to listen to while we wait.

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I don't get how Americans are more scared of Australia's animals when they have goddamn bears! You can get an antidote for a spider or snake bite, you can't get an antidote for a bear bite.

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Oh I agree. Maybe not toxic per se, but extremely out of touch. I think what happened is it just became a bigger echo chamber, because from the already echo chamber reddit, all the people who are the type to switch to the fediverse (privacy focused, foss lovers) are on lemmy, with their opinions being spouted back at them, so it feels like everyone agrees, when really they're a minority.

The biggest differing opinion between reddit and lemmy that I see is lemmy's insistence that absolutely everyone should switch to linux. Of course I saw that on reddit a bit too, but it always had some pushback.

And of course there's also the ignorance of the fediverse's problems. Like people just can't comprehend why someone wouldn't switch to Mastodon or Lemmy.

This doesn't apply to all topics though. There is still some good discussion here. Sometimes it can be better than reddit.

What's weird is I don't experience this on hacker news. People seem to be a lot less out of touch, and have a wider variety of opinions. Not entirely sure why, maybe because it's had time to mature?

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Once Valve releases SteamOS for other devices, they will be so much better. Assuming they actually switch away from Windows.

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Yeah... It's about "freeing yourself from Reddit's control"


Can't log in (lemm.ee)
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Just downloaded the Android beta. When I tried to log in with artemis.camp, it took me to Firefox, where I logged in and pressed authorise, and then I went back to Artemis and it said waiting for browser. Now when I press the artemis.camp button again it brings me to a white screen in Firefox, and still says waiting for browser.

I've also tried it with chrome but same issue

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