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Should we also ban chocolate then?

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The plan fails, the top track gets removed due to terrorist activities, and even more things are on the remaining track.

(If you ask me: Jan 6 should have had even more consequences for republicans, but they like to bend the rules to their own benefits)

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I'm in one of those countries receiving the Belt and Road initiative (Hungary), and we still have the austerity measures, but hey, there's a percentage-based tax break system that gives more to people the richer they're (they had to put a limit on the maximum amount of money after too many backlash), and no one in the Chinese government are complaining (not requesting to change it, complaining) about most of the media is in the hands of party henchmen.

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I'm moving around online leftist circles for more than a decade. First I wanted to have some unity with tankies, but I had to slowly learn that it's a futile attempt, with the main issue being their idea of unity being total assimilation.

First of all, just like their authoritarian-right counterparts, don't play by the rules, but expect other to do so, except it's only for the libertarian-left (or anyone who's not as authoritarian as Stalin). This leads to them forming online (and from what I've heard, real life) spaces to their liking, usually with the intent to turn what they call "moderates" into "full-fledged Marxist-Leninists". If you don't they will bait others to harass you, usually by finding something in your past. Often they also work in tandem with far-right groups by providing anonymous information to them, and register accounts to their forums (kiwifarms etc) to get help from them. They often managed to even manipulate the discourse around social causes, they singlehandedly managed to remind people that "spook" also used to be an anti-black slur (they got really angry at egoist leftist memes), and part of the reason why some online leftists are sometimes terminally online about loli/shota (around that time, they really wanted to cancel sex-positive leftists en masse, consensual-noncon also got a hit but that wasn't really part of a fandom that needed a "safe space" for right wingers, hence the frequent cooperation with the right).

One of their greatest display of "manipulating the rules" is their constant redefinition of authoritarianism into "the will of the people" rather than "a hierarchial system of power formed around a select number of people, whom must be submitted to by the rest of the people". On some level, authoritarianism is "will of the people", but tankies (likely intentionally) forget that dictators having pet projects and banning things they don't like isn't the same as liberation of the people who often want to free themselves from those strongmen, and not replace them with someone who promises to be kind. This is not their only use of the "redefinition game": they often like to redefine porn as something inherently exploitative, while promising general sexuality will be fine, then they proceed to act in ways people who define porn as "an ungodly act of perversion", but pretend they're doing it in favor of "progress" rather than saving the masses from the eternal burning fire. On paper, "authoritarian social justice" sounds good, but in practice it can be only be done with things that are "concrete". You can stop people from denying the holocaust, you probably could also stop social media accounts calling all LGBTQ+ people pedophiles, but then there's the issue of sexual objectification in media, which will be on very shaky grounds, and should not be put into law. China put a lot of effort into trying to regulate it, but other than tankie puriteens on Twitter, no one likes it, and often gets workarounds.

Sorry for my personal ramble here, even forgot why I was answering your comment, but the TLDR is that the auth-left and auth-right have way more in common than the auth-left and lib-left, which is especially sad since capitalism itself is a form of authority around wealth.

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"Multipolarism" is just multiple countries doing imperialism, not the antidote for imperialism.

One time, I could in no way convince a tankie, that Chinese loans weren't just "money given as present", and called any news about them being paid back as "fake news", because in their mind, China is a generous country that helps other out of their good heart, with no strings attached.

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Tankies have less hesitancy calling more libertarian leftists and liberals "fascists" than the various flavors of the modern far-right, because "Stalin's definition of fascism".

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And this will be more expensive to implement than regular ads, thus margins will be even thinner...

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We were "groomed" by plush toys...

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They should add Mastodon integration instead.

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Ironically yes.

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Can its AI portion be used for something other than AI? If not then no big loss other than wasted silicon.

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Elections are more like:

The wolf is in a shepherd dog's skin, pointing at the black and rainbow sheeps while saying "they're wolves in sheep skin, let me eat them!".

submitted 5 days ago by [email protected] to c/learn_programming

When resizing an X11 window with OpenGL content, the image becomes garbled and certain parts of the window, usually at the parts that wasn't originally part of the initial framebuffer.

I couldn't find any documentation on if I supposed to call some extra functions when the window is being resized or not. I otherwise process that even as a system event, so it can be further processed by the program using my API.

submitted 6 days ago by [email protected] to c/linux4noobs

I started to use Linux Mint on my VM, however it seems like it uses a different channel for packages, which means I get some outdated packages such as D compilers, which makes me unable to compile my programs.

While the D compilers have some userspace installer scripts, they're userspace only, meaning they need initialization scripts, which only work until the end of the given shell instance, which makes it particularly hard to use in certain contexts.

Is there some "untested" or similar branch to get some newer stuff? The compilers don't seem to interfere with anything system level, so it should be fine.

Capitalism rule (lemmy.world)
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submitted 1 week ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
submitted 1 week ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

So far, Ubuntu 24.04 was an absolute nightmare for me. While upgrading to it in a VM, it randomly crashed, which broke the GUI. I had to go to the tty, and finish the upgrade that way to get back into GNOME. Then every time I launched its default file manager or its screen settings app (which became mandatory as it just randomly switched to 1280x800, thus making work a nightmare), it crashed so hard it took the VM host with itself.

Switching to VMWare, it was more stable, stable, but after the first restart, I get a lot of graphical glitches and a black background. Tried Kubuntu to see if it's a GNOME-related thing, but similar issues prevail, this time with a tanked performance until I switch to tty.

I need an easy-to-use and relatively stable distro, for compiling, testing, and rewriting software with GUI, thus I cannot use WSL on Windows 10. I want to spend my time developing, and not resolving bugs, nor with tinkering with the OS. Likely I will have to keep my primary development platform as Windows, and Linux does not offer me anything more, and "deploying/cross compiling to Windows" is not very feasible to me at the moment due to I'm writing my own middleware to interface with OS API, and I also want to test on native Windows rather than in an emulator. Windows 11 might push me in the direction to use a Windows installation inside a VM, but only if disabling telemetry becomes impossible.

submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/programming_languages

Design documentation: https://github.com/ZILtoid1991/pixelperfectengine/blob/master/docs/formats/m2.md

It has some weird solutions due to my limited experience with the subject and the target usage favor preallocation instead of live allocation. I took some inspirations from Music Macro Language, Assembly, and Lua. Due to the lack of a MIDI 2.0 format, I thought I'd come up with my own, adding capabilities to program adaptive soundtracks (emitting MIDI commands with calculated values, conditional emitting of MIDI commands, conditional looping and pattern playback, etc).

I initially gave it the name .m2 but while M.2 is an entirely different thing, an MML format by the name .m2 does exist on the PC98, thus I'm looking for some new name for mine. The only thing I can come up on the spot is MASM (or MIDI Assembly), but it's close to an already existing MASM (Microsoft Macro Assembler).

submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/programming
initDragEvent(rule) (lemmy.world)
submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

After a crash during an update (which I managed to recover from), the default file manager Nautilus no longer works, and crashes so hard it crashes VirtualBox too.

I tried by deleting it then reinstalling it, but didn't change this behavior. Also there's a non-zero possibility that the original crash was caused by Nautilus itself.

submitted 3 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/gamedev
package int poll_win_RawInput(ref InputEvent output) nothrow @nogc {
	MSG msg;
	BOOL bret = PeekMessageW(&msg, null, 0, 0, PM_REMOVE);
	if (bret) {
		////Some code that supposed to swallow WM_SYSKEY and the likes, but does not work as intended////
		DispatchMessageW(&msg);//In the aforementioned block
		////Function that optionally gets text input messages////
 		switch (msg.message & 0xFF_FF) {
////Regular user input handling via RawInput and some legacy stuff + XInput handling in separate function////

Since it's for games, the default Alt key behavior is undesirable for me. It makes my test application hang and make error noises since it doesn't have a menubar. I checked whether my window had a flag that enabled the menubar or not, but couldn't find it.

submitted 4 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/programming

Thanks to the current SEO nightmare, I can no longer use search engines the same reliability as before. Stackoverflow is too toxic and often all I need is to properly look up some more obscure stuff about some API, which "could just be googled". AI, of course, is very unreliable.

Searching code on Github, then adjusting it in many ways to my needs (like to a different language, renaming variables to make more sense, additional optimizations, etc.) seems way more feasible nowadays. However, while there's a lot of code with very permitting licenses (including public domain licenses), others are not so much, and I don't want to argue against them, often I'm even understanding the reasons behind their decisions. I even try to give credit wherever I can, or look up the original source of an algorithm I find being referenced by someone else.

submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

I tried to roll my own alternative, but it's a way bigger undertaking than I initially thought.

I have a quite decent audio system for Windows/Linux (MacOSX missing due to lack of hardware), so I can just skip that, if it relies on "variable size" buffers or its only audio capability being "function that plays WAV/MP3 directly". DLL/SO preferred. I don't need duplicates of things that are already in any standard library.

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