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Todd Howard already said that they aim to be as ambiguous as possible and not canonize any of player's choices. It will probably be "yeah there was a big trouble here a couple of decades back but it's all ancient history now so who cares". And the town's leader will be some schmuck who hasn't even heard of Mr. House.

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That's the problem of most general-use languages out there, including "safe" ones like Java or Go. They all require manual synchronization for shared mutable state.

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Utility is for poors. People who don't count money want something shiny or whatever their peers have. They can easily replace it if it breaks.

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It's not even about waiting or patience. I'm not a teenager anymore, so I don't have as much to play games as I used to (and I have now other interests too). I have so many great PC games in my queue I literally won't have time to play them all until I die. The queue only gets longer with time. So what if I can't play some console exclusive? It's just one game in the long list of games I won't get to play and I have no problems with that.

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Please, someone tell comrade ~~Stalin~~ Xi that this is all just a terrible mistake!

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Even "real" fractional scaling in Plasma with Qt 6 is not much better. Text will look slightly sharper, but icons are still blurry. There is no way for them to look sharp with 1.25 scaling since they are drawn with a pixel grid in mind. Unless you invent some way to stretch svgs so that their individual elements and spaces between them retain their integer-ness while the scale of the whole image is fractional.

The only other solution is monitors with 300+ PPI where blurriness is simply not noticeable (that's the way Apple went).

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Yeah I hate it when my game breaks and have to carry it to a licensed servicing centre for expensive repair 😔

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No, but there are many obstacles. Besides usual ones common to migration in general, due to sanctions people who want to emigrate won't be able to easily access their money left in Russia. Also if they speak up against Putin everything they left in Russia will be confiscated and returning back (for any reason including possible deportation) will be dangerous (Russia is smart enough to not charge dissenters living abroad so that they won't be able to claim asylum, but when they return they can be arrested. This strategy was used since USSR times). This makes emigration a risky proposition unless you already have a high-paying job lined up for you, and can receive foreign citizenship in a short time.

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There are a lot of people there that haven't experienced oppression personally and genuinely believe that "strong ruler" that "keeps people in line" is what's needed for their country to be "strong".

Also one of the key points of Russian propaganda that has been hammered into them for decades is that "democracy is a sham" and that any alternative to Putin's regime would be just as oppressive and simply less "competent" (and therefore lead to Russia's ruin).

Putin supporters do not believe that democracy can work and they don't want democracy, as simple as that.

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No, he said that he doesn't sell starlink terminals in Russia. When asked whether Russia uses starlink he declined to answer.

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That can be true for self-contained command line tools, but not for complex programs with actively development dependencies (especially anything dealing with networking or encryption). For example hexchat uses GTK2 which is likely to be removed from mainstream distro repos in the coming years because it has been obsolete for a long time. Also openssl which is known to change its API occasionally which means that anything that uses it needs to be updated to stay compatible.

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It didn't land upside down, it rolled over after touch down due to high lateral velocity after one of its engines malfunctioned (and the whole reason it managed to land softly at all is because onboard software was programmed to handle such cases and find a way to land it anyway).

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