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A few weeks ago, I started on a basic tutorial for developing games in Godot: "Ultimate Instruction to Godot 4" on YouTube by Clear Code. My goal was to not just finish the tutorial, but to build on it and create a small game with semi-professional standards. Here is said game, my first attempt not only at developing in Godot, but also my first attempt at creating a game.

If you know what you are doing, a playthrough is around 20-40 minutes, more on higher difficulties. On easy, it is possible to be reckless, while on higher difficulties, the game forces you to be quite considerate of your resources.

As this is my first game ever, I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback. I hope that, if you try it out, you will have as much fun with the game as I had making it!

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Something to look forward to when I get off the boat in 11 days!

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Thank you for having a look! Am excited to hear of any and all reactions :)

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