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They're municipally operated here and we actually had a case a few years back where a small town that couldn't reasonably afford to operate their own fire department needed to make arrangements with a nearby larger town to have fire emergency response services cover them.

The larger town said sure, $50 per year per home. Small town had 63 people, but some refused to pay. Fire department said they weren't going to keep track of which houses were and were not covered, so they had to all be on board or none of them would be.

Naturally a home later caught fire and burned to the ground. Thankfully no one was inside at the time.

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Higher pitch is a short sighted adjustment. Wider range, so you can keep your lower registers.

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You are a worm through time.

The thunder song distorts you.

Happiness comes.

White pearls, but yellow and red in the eye.

Through a mirror, inverted is made right.

Leave your insides by the door.

Push the fingers through the surface into the wet.

You've always been the new you.

You don't want this to be true.

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Yes, but due to lossy compression. Not because of any limitations of digital audio.

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Or the 00s-10s when everything had to be "HD".

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Human eyes are more sensitive to green than blue or red, and more readily notice details and defects in green shading.

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Nope. It's aaaaaall camera bump.

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I have a suspicion that was omitted purposefully to prevent people from just sharing their raw saved replays. Since if you have to clip you'll never end up with people sharing full minute videos where the interesting bit was the last five seconds.

This is of course just my own supposition from assuming they had a reason for the omission and thinking about what that reason might be

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I don't think "they're a business" properly captures the concern. It's probably more accurate to say that they have a desire to operate efficiently and not waste resources, but it has to be balanced against the need to treat patients effectively and fairly.

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Since they're both Sony

This would very likely work with most modern TVs that support HDMI CEC. Manufacturers like to put their own name on it, but Sony Bravia Link, Samsung Anynet+, LG SimpLink, Roku 1-Touch, and several more, are all just different names for the same control protocol.

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Others said the man's arrest was unjustified and that as a member of a party that supports free speech, Ferreri was out of line.

So because she is expected to support free speech there are opinions she's not permitted to express? Incredible.

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"Waiving the notice period" my ass. It's wild to me how this idea that it's required to give notice when you're quitting a job is so ingrained in society.

It's a courtesy you can extend if you want to ease the transition for the company or leave on good terms, but it is absolutely not required.


I can't wait.

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