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Good steps, hope they would do the same for the any other company or government, the US included.

We should know about these abuse cases and study them if we’re ever to get a leash and collar around AI before disaster can occur.

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As much as I dislike Ticketmaster and their practices, these data breaches affect real people for the rest of their lives.

Not a good situation and Ticketmaster needs to be held 100% accountable.

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I specifically mention this point and you make zero effort to correct or modify what you’re saying so I’m left to believe that it is at least partially aligned with what you’re saying.

Feel free to take the easy way out and argue pedantics - our conversation was pretty short so if you actually looked through the convo, I suspect you ignored this point or are purposefully playing on this point to push yourself out of the waters a la pedantic argument.

Think this conversation is spent now. Thanks.

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That wasn’t the topic of discussion. You implied that a majority of people don’t research their views without anything other than anecdotal evidence

You tried to pivot to this other topic, I did not follow it.

I can agree with “at least some people do not properly vet and research their views” but I cannot subscribe to “most”

Make sense?

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I agree with your final paragraph. He isn’t a perfect candidate.

But I don’t think there will ever be a perfect candidate and when they’re running against a literal fascist dictator, I know who I will vote for. I’ve said this before but a primarily 2-party system is dangerously naïve. Simplifying the insanely complex reality that is the US into 2 options is stupid. Not to mention how much it alienates minorities (of all types not just race, religion, sex)

How are we to represent down to the minority level via a popular-vote. It doesn’t make sense to me.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself - this tool, just like every “new” technology is built off the back of prior tools and science, and is multifaceted/dual-edged sword. You can’t just view things in one light or another, you have to look at them from multiple angles, understand the wounds they inflict, and how to manage them.

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Perhaps to reiterate that he’s bringing value to the US for the upcoming election?

Perhaps to cover all the bases, for those that don’t look at fact/evidence (meaning not necessarily a majority of people not looking at fact)

I mean the possibilities are endless, i feel like you’re taking a pretty narrow view to this subject

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You’re absolutely right, I’m similarly in a high demand sector, (wonder if you can guess where, from my username) so my options are much more open.

I guess the conclusion I’m coming to is, maybe this fictional hack/tactic does work - just don’t spend too much time there if you can help it. Minimize how much you’re buying into these companies and don’t give them anything more than what they’re paying you to do.

My circumstances aren’t going to be the same as others, so all I can do is listen to their experiences and try to learn about other realities. Probably too deep in the comment thread now but definitely open to hearing others experiences in not-so-in-demand sectors.

Maybe that’s part of the problem - being in a field that is out of favor/demand? How do you provide value when that value isn’t needed at the moment?

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Yes. Because not everything that appears intuitive, is fact. This is how disinformation is spread. It is a vulnerability in the human psychology.

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Are you implying that the majority of people don’t look at facts and statistics?

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Came here to look for this comment - bad science communication is the reigning supreme it would seem these days

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Mmm… well it does matter from the context that actual violence is down. When we’re talking about violent crimes.

It doesn’t matter when talking about this other problem, that the media is essentially a constitutionally protected capitalism and greed factory.

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Hey all, got a quick question!

I want to receive, parse and store syslogs from various devices on my home network on my windows box. I know, I know, its a bit backwards but I'd like to proceed with this sort of setup if possible (not against discussion, of course).

I've looked and looked for options but it seems like everything has been bare bones and basically just receives, or is locked behind premium. Surely there's some sort of solution out there, no? I'd be willing to implement something in Python if I need to but I'm considerably more hesitant when compared to using an open source soln.

Thanks for your time, looking forward to discussing/learning more!

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Anyone else getting tired of all the click bait articles regarding PoisonGPT, WormGPT, etc without them ever providing any sort of evidence to back up their claims?

They’re always talking about how the models are so good and can write malware but damn near every GPT model I’ve seen can barely write basic code - no shot it’s writing actually valuable malware, not to mention FUD malware as some are claiming.


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