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Thanks, @[email protected]. That sums up my options.

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I seeked into the API in order to write a plugin for myself. In order to aid my workflow I need to listen to two keystrokes closely followed.

Apparently there are only hacks available. I want to fire-and-forget about my plugin as long as the API to command firefox stays consistent.

I did not attempt to write any code (and any JS code, honestly that is) yet. Simply because I did not get that requirement addressed by the official API /& documentation.

Recompiling firefox would be the least favorable option; But I would still be hooked if it would enable me to observe keystrokes on my own.

As an practical example: Pressing Shift two times in sequence and within 100 ms should enable me to eat the event.

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I'm coming from a similar direction... Spotted those. If they would have been easily accessible I would have used them as defaults for a certain functionality. Your link and reply implies that such keys need to be physicallz available!

Thank you for your confimation. An note that in GTK+ programs you could use them for your shortcuts!

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Pardon me but searching for "binding external (control) surface" does not result in any handle for me.

Either google or bing (& derivates) doesn't prompt any occurance of F24+. Would it be possible for you to share any search result from your matching results so that I can familiarize myself with the -to me unknown- topic, please?

Otherwise I appreciate trying to recall, Sir/Madame!

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Apparently there is a F35 Key within xkbcommon.

I know about F1-24 where the upper level was accessible by holding down a modifier key; So how are keys beyond this issued via a keyboard (my keyboard is qwerty, de_DE if of interest)?

And... why the fuck was it a good idea to expand the function keys beyond 24?


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