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They're doing what??

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Hello! Yes I still think that sounds sensible. Let me know if you hear back.

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this is dreadful. again

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same here - not stuck

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it's not stuck is it? doesn't look like it is to me

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This is a minor point but on Instagram if you press the logo in the top left you can pick Following and it shows you a chronological timeline of only those accounts you actually follow. Instead of the usual shitshow set of reels.



I was told recently about a school that was shamed into changing its school motto.

The motto was "l hear, I see, I learn" Nothing wrong with that per se. Unfortunately the motto was in Latin, and the Latin for "l hear, I see, I learn" is "audio, video, disco

wonderfulworldofmichaelford Obserwuj

What the f ck that's the best school motto ever change it back

copperbadge Obserwuj

Your yearly reminder that "l learn through suffering" can be translated into Latin as "Disco Inferno"

Progress (

Amy 16h @lolennui. bsky. social

(me making fun of your crop rotation idea and thereby holding our people back another 5000 years) jeff thinks the beans have to take turns Imao


Sofia "Buff Girlfriend" @sofiabuffgf

Installing a bidet at home was life changing but unfortunately it's transformed pooping on company time from a small proletarian victory into yet another grueling humiliation of inadequate working conditions.


Brent @SkyCladBrent:

Imagine there being a website so popular that game console manufacturers put a dedicated button on their controllers to take and post screenshots and then you fuck the website up so much that they disable it

) Nintendo of America @NintendoAmerica · May 9:

As of June 10, 2024, it will no longer be possible to post screenshots and videos to X (formerly Twitter) from the Nintendo Switch's Album, or send friend requests to social media users via the Friend Suggestions feature. Find out more:

Beekeeping (

The hardest part of beekeeping is thinking of all the names

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Hey I 3d printed that guy to use in my DnD game!

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Take that misogyny somewhere else.


spaf @spaf

Every vendor booth at RSA this year: Powered by world-class Al with a proprietary language model, our product offers unbelievably agile, next-gen threat intelligence-based risk management in the dark net on a quantum containerized blockchain employing breathtakingly advanced data science. Built to be compatible with your SIEM & cloud, its zero-trust architecture is programmed in a memory-safe language with no supply chain to monitor!

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