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Thanks will keep in mind next time it happens

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I know that, my anger has manifested this post, and I shouldn't have criticized the entire field

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The title was an over exaggeration on my part

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it's indeed a new language for me and I haven't developed that ability to know where the bug is happening but I am going to get there.

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In those kinds of situations you need to remember to try to break the problem down into simpler sections to identify where the problem lies.

Learned that the hard way.

One of the first steps would be to run SELECT * FROM mainWorkSpace WHERE user_id = @user_id and see if that returns anything.

It's one of those situations where if i write something, i forget it because it is doing its thing and about selecting everything, i should've done that and it's my mistake.

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Title before edit: I hate programming, why did i choose this field

TL;DR: Stupid mistake, made by hours waste.

Basically, I was extracting date from the SQL db, and it was not displaying. I tried everything, heck I even went to chatgpt, and copilot. Two and half hours of trying every single thing under the sun, you know what was the issue?

SELECT task, status, id FROM mainWorkSpace WHERE user_id = @user_id

I FUCKING FORGOT TO ADD 'date' TO THE DAMN QUERY. TWO AND HALF HOURS. I was like, "Ain't no way." as I scrolled up to the query and there it was, a slap in the face, and you know what was the fix?

SELECT task, status, date, id FROM mainWorkSpace WHERE user_id = @user_id

Moral of the story, don't become a programmer, become a professional cat herder instead.

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I meant like this:

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The 'technologies' will be replaced by their respective icons.

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Because that's what I learned from Uni, didn't want that skill to go to waste. I was thinking about how it would be easier to make the apps (plain applications that use executables and shell to run) .desktop file without any hassle (for new Linux users).

Also, Python was two semesters ago, so I forgot all about it.

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Amen brother, using the same tactics for my exam tomorrow.

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i need to import HtmlClient and router, thank you.

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I think this was created using Tkinter from Python

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i need because Mcgraw system for reading the book sucks cheeks.

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I am currently making my portfolio site using, Angular, and Bootstrap (with custom CSS), and I really need help designing my website.

I'm learning Full-Stack Development, but I have done enough to become a Front-End Developer.

Please suggest any changes, and I will make an updated post with the progress.

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For example, I have been using Google or Apple for 7 years, and seeing that I was fingerprinted, tracked through third-party cookies, etc. I want to switch to a more private option.

But is it worth it? They know about me, they have now AI that can just use the behavior pattern for the last 7 years and still track me.

Again the question comes, should I become "privacy-focused" despite my data before I was "privacy-focused" used and sold?

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I am beginner who thought before doing the String Methods section of the course "You know what, let's test my skills". And boy my skills were tested. After I completed the challenge my jaw dropped, with the solution.

Had/Have this happened to y'all. Where you make something complicated and found out that there was a simple solution?


My Code

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While we're in cycles, the elites are riding in their luxurious car, and flying in their private jets producing all the emissions the world needs.

Yet! We have to deprive ourselves from vehicles, and they be enjoying life.

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I have my father's old work PC (one of those Fujitsu Siemens models) from yesteryears. It features:

  • OS: Ubuntu 23.04
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770 (I forgot the clock speed in GHz).
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz (Single Channel).
  • Storage: 128 GB SSD (installed in 2020) & 1 TB HDD (also installed in 2020).
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 (or was it GTX?).

I am considering using it as a file server since my laptop only has a 256 GB SSD, and I need more space to store my files on the old PC. But the question is, do I need a home server? When is a home server necessary?

Any sources or information on how to set up a file server with a PC would be greatly appreciated.

Vocabulary and Grammatical Errors were improved and fixed by ChatGPT because English is my 2nd Language

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I am nearing the completion of RH124, and I am contemplating taking the exam to obtain a certification for my CV. I plan to schedule it for the end of the month (31st August), allowing me enough time to thoroughly grasp the material while still experiencing some time pressure.

However, there seems to be no standalone exam for RH124. Instead, I must also complete RH134 in order to qualify for the EX200 exam and become RHCE and RHCSA certified. Is there a way to acquire the RH124 certificate independently? I wish to include it on my CV, secure a job, and subsequently learn RH134 while on the job.

Additionally, I am curious whether RH124 alone is sufficient to pursue CompTIA Linux+. Does RH124 cover scripting and BASH, despite these topics not being mentioned in the course? I would greatly appreciate an answer to this question as well.


(Vocabulary and Grammatical Errors were improved and fixed by ChatGPT because English is my 2nd language)

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Steven Universe S4 E22

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