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I mean, it doesn't help that league also has a reputation for being super toxic. I only follow league in any capacity cause a close friend loves watching the LCS but it seems like a cool game, I just don't really wanna get into something that would consume all my time and expose me to shitty people CONSTANTLY :.

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Didn't realize you could edit it, it'd be nice if there were options for using your computer for creative work like 3D modeling or digital art :)

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Babe, what if we kissed in front of the rainbow IBM ASCII art while gentoo boots? 😳 👉👈

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I believe 17 is why you use disk encryption, as that was the question above for me

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Man that's cool, is the old ghost in the shell game any good? I'd only heard of it but know nothing about it, and I love ghost in the shell

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Edit: just realized this was in a different comment thread than I though, I should have checked. It depends on your usecase. if you mean for op, I think he'd be better served by a bigger project because he didn't sound like he needed something, or a combination of something's that he could best get from MX linux specifically that's hard to find from a different distro

-- Original comment:

I have pretty much no familiarity with it, but it seems like a well respected project which is a good start. What's your usecase? It seems like a big part of the appeal is a stable base of debian and looks like it may have newer packages availability as it's listed as a semi-rolling release, but I'd probably wanna confirm that if that sounds like a reason you're interested since it is based on debian stable. Another big part of the appeal is that it seems like folks realy like some of the graphical tools for configuration stuff that may not normally have a graphical option. Looks like a decent middle/lightweight distro, built on debian.

I'd say downsides are that it looks like a smaller project than many which can mean the experience can be less consistent with less resources to test packages and the installer on everything under the sun. But its been around since 2014, and is part of a broader community of distros, which are a very good sign for a smaller distro, it doesn't seem like a little garage project with one developer who might just disappear. Its not the most elegant looking (subjective, of course), at least on the xfce desktop, but if you're using xfce, performance is probably a more important consideration. And you can make pretty much any distro look nice with some work put into theming and customization

I don't think it's a distro I'd be likely to pick for myself, but it seems well regarded so I think it really depends on whether it offers something specific that you want, or a combination of attributesyoyu can't get from a larger distribution. For many people's use case's, a smaller distro is going to have meaningful tradeoffs with less documentation and pre-existing questions and answers, fewer people to ask for help, and potentially worse support for hardware configurations that aren't ubiquitous. Scale really helps in many respects, but sometimes only a small distro has what you want, it just depends what you're looking for. If you're a very new user, I'd encourage you to consider whether there are options a little less off the beaten path, but MX linux doesnt look like a bad choice at all if its a fit for specific needs you have

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I really wish I could help, but I think you're probably more advanced of a user than am unfortunately :(

In my experience installing I've just followed the callamares prompts and then had a usable system, but I haven't used it long term yet, as I've been trying to learn how to install void linux before I potentially swtich to a more straight forward distro on my new laptop (seemed like a good opportunity to learn). I've been using linux for a long time now (probably more than 10 years) but I'm really an art and design person who's mostly bumbled their way through it 😅

I just woke up, I'll come back and take a look at things when I'm more awake and see if anything stands out to me

I'm not familiar with FCC unlock, from my initial half asleep googling it looks like a networking feature or service? If it's functionality thats intended to be configured by spiral linux, you might try opening a bug report on the spiral linux github/got repo, the Dev seems like a pretty friendly guy. Or alternatively the linux 4 noobs community here on lemmy is actually pretty good, (regardless of whether the name might be directly applicable to you) if not incredibly active, and the people there are far more likely to be knowledgable than I am. Though frankly I'm guessing the reason it's actually a helpful resource is because lemmy has a viable ratio of new linux users, to technical ones who are willing to help, an attribute I don't think many spaces have lol

Like I said, I'll take another look in a while and see if my awake brain has anything to add that might be more helpful to you. I'm sorry distros have been giving you such a struggle with networking, thats super frustrating

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You're very welcome ☺️

Hope you have a great day!

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You might take a look at spiral linux, its basically a customized debian install that preconfigures a bunch of quality of life stuff for you and is set up to use btrfs with snapper by default. It doesn't use custom repos intentionally so that (in the words of the developed) if the developer gets hit by a bus, nothing stops working. Your install just works like a pre-customized debian

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As an LCS viewer this was interesting to watch. Sounds like he had a really positive impact on the LEC. I hope he finds what he's looking for going forward

Thanks for sharing :)

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Hello, I broke my laptop about a week ago and could use a hand figuring out the best approach for recovering the files when my new laptop arrives

The laptop was running fedora and would have used whatever encryption option is default in the fedora installer (The laptop required a password before it'd fininish booting so I'm pretty confident it was encrypted), which I believe would be LUKS?

If I understand correctly the ssd is a socketed sata drive, so I figured I'd buy a sata drive enclosure when I get my new laptop that'd let me plug it in via USB

I have the password I needed to boot when the device was working, if I get a sata enclosure can I access the files?

Any input, guidance, thoughts or suggestions are appreciated :)

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I really enjoyed the well researched video Fortnine put together on how grille height is the greatest predictor of pedestrian collision fatality.

submitted 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

I don't totally belong in this community as I rather like cars & motorcycles (but not how dependent our society is on them), but I really enjoyed the well researched video Fortnine put together on how the height of the front bumper/grille is the greatest predictor of pedestrian collision fatality and I felt it'd be a good fit for the community :)

Even as more of a car enthusiast, it's very frustrating how regulations intended to improve emissions have inadvertently resulted in basically every car on the road being a towering murder-behemoth that isn't actually even practical for their "intended" purposes (Speaking about trucks and SUVs since in my mind at least they're supposed to be utility vehicles for getting stuff done. Truck beds are the same size, but far harder to reach/see into, and get stuff out off for really no benefit whatsoever, and also have crap visibility)

I'm sure the way he voices certain things will be frustrating to some folks in this community, and thats fair- I think there's still merit to the way he's trying to push for a single small change that'd make a really big impact on safety (assuming legislators are willing to bite the bullet and actually do something for once). I try to be an ally to the ideas of making society less car-dependent even coming from a different perspective, and I hope y'all can see the value of folks in the enthusiast world as allies to the cause even if we don't share perspectives on everything. (For context, Fortnine is a motorcycling YouTube channel, and is as such obviously run by folks who love and care about motorcycling)

Hopefully this knowledge being more commonplace and widely discussed can more quickly result in legislation that makes cars far safer for pedestrians and cyclists

Hope y'all have a good day :)

Edit: added some context regarding Fortnine that intended to include but initially forgot

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I've been learning how to build a team comp with my team lately and it occurred to me that the notes I'm taking may be helpful for others as well!

Here are the two most helpful videos I've watched on the subject- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALSO WATCHING THESE VIDEOS IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THIS SUBJECT! There are really helpful things explained in the first two videos that won't be covered in this post

A primer on weapon roles before you think about building a team comp: What Am I Doing? Part 1: Weapon Roles (Squidschool on YouTube)

And a video on actually putting together a team comp, and going through the process for an example team: A Simple Guide to Low Level Team Building (Bebrop on YouTube)

And here's some additional viewing, but it's contents are mostly covered by the rest of this post (the video goes through all the considerations by which to evaluate a team comp or how well weapons work together) Still helpful though! Weapon Compositions (Squid School on YouTube)

#Here are my notes on relevant considerations for building a team comp and evaluating synergy. This list is intended to be useful for evaluating both individual weapons and what they bring to the table, and also an entire comp and whether it has any big holes or oversights:


  • Speed

  • Damage combos between weapons, sub weapons, and specials (mostly relevant for chip damage and aoe weapons)

  • Ability to frontline/push in

  • Viability for each role (the weapon roles video by squid school is important for evaluating this)

  • Special (how valuable it is), Special output/ability to get special quickly

  • Entry tools, displacement

  • Ability to paint

  • Need for paint in order to succeed (ambush weapons)

  • Ability to paint safely (paint at range, potentially via bombs)

  • Lethal bomb

  • Range/ability to threaten long range weapons

  • Ability to answer strong meta picks on enemy team (I think this is a harder question right now due to zooka and cooler having few counters. Brella is a strong matchup into all the splatter shots and other similar shooters in the meta, bubbler is strong into zooka, blasters and long range weapons are strong into inkjet, vacuum can be strong into trizooka and inkjet)

  • Maps: does this weapon/comp need certain maps to be viable? Is it really strong on certain kinds of maps?

  • SPLAT ZONES: reefslider, tristrike, bombs, burst paint, rain, vacuum, paint output, entry tools (lockout is very prevalent)

  • TOWER CONTROL: blasters & sloshers, reefslider(kinda), big bubbler, booyah bomb (might get one-shot by zooka?), tristrike, kracken, suction bomb, killer wail?, inkjet

  • CLAMS: speed, cooler, vacuum, kracken, beakons?, paint, strong frontline slaying and skirmishing

  • RAINMAKER: Cooler (insanely strong in literally every mode 😅), vacuum, object damage & bombs, toxic mist (kinda), speed


#EXAMPLE: I'm gonna go through an example for vanilla slosher since thats what I've been maining.

###• Speed: GOOD. Maybe the fastest of the AOE (area of effect) weapons

• Damage combos between weapons, sub weapons, and specials:

GOOD/VERY GOOD (ideally you'd go through relevant combos with other potential weapons in your comp here, but I don't know the exact damage values right offhand and wouldn't wanna go through any possible combo anyway) but splat bomb and the main weapon can both do chip damage potentially combo-ing with wave, blaster/range blaster, 52 gal, zooka indirect, super chump, tristringer, etc.

###• Ability to frontline/push in GOOD/VERY GOOD

###• Viability for each role



SUPPORT: OKAY/POOR. Poor paint but can poke with bombs, not a super high value special except in zones and tower control

ANCHOR: POOR. Has some amount of range to keep enemies away, and poking with splat bomb can help, but can't paint to deny approach, and has poor range compared to a proper backline, and can only threaten a fast kill time when you combo with your splat bomb, so you can still get rushed down while trying to give safe jumps to your teammates

###• Special (how valuable it is), Special output/ability to get special quickly: OKAY. Special is only super valuable in certain modes, special output isn't amazing I don't think

###• Entry tools, displacement: OKAY. Tristrike is an okay-ish entry tool on zones, and tower control where people clump up, and sometimes clams. If the map is cramped it can be a better entry tool there as well

###• Ability to paint POOR. Bomb and special help, but is just outclassed by so many other midline/frontline weapons

###• Need for paint in order to succeed (ambush weapons): DOESN'T NEED MUCH HELP with paint in order to contribute

###• Ability to paint safely (paint at range, potentially via bombs) OKAY. Splat bomb and the little bit of range the main has help contest space the enemies want

###• Lethal bomb GOOD on TC, VERY GOOD on everything else

###• Range/ability to threaten long range weapons: OKAY. Splat bomb and tristrike help it here

###• Ability to answer strong meta picks on enemy team: Has a better matchup into fast mid/close range shooters w/cooler than most aoe weapons, but other than that there's not really anything special in terms of matchup into the meta

###• Maps: OKAY on any map. Can be GOOD/VERY GOOD on maps with a lot of cover, ledges and verticality.

###• Splat Zones:
GOOD. Valuable special, bomb for burst paint, but the main weapon has poor paint and burst paint

###• Tower Control: GOOD. Valuable special, main and sub that can threaten tower(but not as well as suction bomb or blasters)

###• Clams: GOOD/VERY GOOD. Very good speed and ability to push up, frontline, skirmish and get kills, but special is medium value

###• RAINMAKER: GOOD. Main weapon has poor object damage, but bomb and special can both help. Special has medium value. But it has very good speed and ability to push up, frontline, skirmish and find kills.


Overall, slosher is a very good all around weapon, and it makes sense that its a top tier in the current meta. It can play fast, has a lethal bomb, and its special can be very valuable for certain modes. In order to build a team around slosher, the other weapons probably need to help with: paint for map control, safe paint at a distance, slaying, ability to threaten backline targets, and ideally other weapons would contribute high value specials that can get picks (zooka, inkjet), and/or work as an entry tool (tentamissles, rain, probably others). Slosher would synergize best with other weapons that can play a fast, or at least at a medium speed of play, and can do chip damage.

Once you understand the considerations for the weapons in your weapon pool (and the weapon pools of your teammates), you can go through the process explained in the team comp building video to try and assemble a comp out of the options you have. This list can then be useful again in reviewing strong points and weak points of the comp you're considering.

Full disclaimer- I'm a fairly low level player, but I wanted to share what I'm learning and organize it into something that might be helpful to others. Largely just as a learning exercise for myself :)

#splatoon #splatoon3 #splatoonfedi #competitive #comp

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I mean that broadly seems like a good thing. Execution is important, but on paper this seems like the kind of forward thinking policy we need

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Honestly I'm kinda bummed that EVERYTHING about cars is getting bigger- not just tires and wheels. I like small cars, small trucks, etc :/

Honestly the same is true with phones, the market keeps moving towards bigger and bigger phones

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Having a bot that posts the current gear is honestly rad, just wanted to thank whoever built that for this community ❤️

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A bowl of somewhat lazy tomato based curry made with stew beef and served with jasmine rice, some toasted naan with garlic honey butter, and garnished with some cilantro :)

(Somewhat lazy because I cheated making the "sauce", using a jar of curry sauce in addition to the aromatics I fried up, supplemented with a bunch of additional spices)

Iguana 🦎 (youtu.be)
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Does the name need to be like the URL, or just what you wanna call the community? There's a little help icon next to the text box, but tapping it doesn't seem to make any help text show up.

Thanks for the help!

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Thanks for your help, and happy to be a part of this community ☺️

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From the website linked: In June 2022, City of Durham’s Community Safety Department launched the HEART program to offer the care that Durham residents need when we’re experiencing nonviolent mental health crises or quality of life concerns. They offer crisis call diversion, care navigation, and community response. During the pilot phase HEART workers have delivered aid, supplies, community resources, and much more to community members who look just like you and me, in over 6200 responses, taking an average of 5.47 minutes to arrive at the scene.

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The full vod is on prochara's vod channel, but I dont remember exactly which one it was. Great set though, it was a blast to watch!

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