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From the conclusion:

NAT may be a good short term solution to the address depletion and scaling problems. This is because it requires very few changes and can be installed incrementally. NAT has several negative characteristics that make it inappropriate as a long term solution, and may make it inappropriate even as a short term solution. Only implementation and experimentation will determine its appropriateness.

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Wait till she learns about zombie children

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For extra fun, you can name your variables using solely Unicode invisible characters (e.g. non-breaking space) so they're impossible to visually distinguish

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The monoliths in the US fucking suck, but the ones in Canada are much nicer. I passed one near Toronto and it gave an ominous hum and slowed down so I could pass. Some guy tried tailgating it and got banished, but as long as you aren't a dick, they'll leave you alone.

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That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying the rich and powerful have a vested interest in not taking risks that jeopardize their power and wealth, because they have more to lose.

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The reason these models are being heavily censored is because big companies are hyper-sensitive to the reputational harm that comes from uncensored (or less-censored) models. This isn't unique to AI; this same dynamic has played out countless times before. One example is content moderation on social media sites: big players like Facebook tend to be more heavy-handed about moderating than small players like Lemmy. The fact small players don't need to worry so much about reputational harm is a significant competitive advantage, since it means they have more freedom to take risks, so this situation is probably temporary.

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Fun fact: the average sentence for tax fraud is 13 months: https://www.ussc.gov/research/quick-facts/tax-fraud

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That's silly. You don't need 700 rats to drive, just 4: a sighter, a shifter, gas pedal operator, and brake pedal operator.

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I'm woke but I wish I wasn't (chronic insomnia)

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That's 2^64, which means they're probably storing the number of days as an 8 byte integer, and that's the maximum value it can take.

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Damn straight. Beethoven's late sonatas are fucking amazing.

What's he playing in the fourth panel? Waldstein sonata?

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It's true, Lemmy is based on the source of TF2

Kilrule was here (sh.itjust.works)
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Now imagine you accidentally summon a demon with a giant pitchfork and just as you think it's about to tear you to shreds it says "do you have a minute to talk about FreeBSD?"

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