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Concatenative Programming

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This space is for sharing news, experiences, announcements, questions, showcases, etc. regarding concatenative programming concepts and tools.

We'll also take any programming described as:

From Wikipedia:

A concatenative programming language is a point-free computer programming language in which all expressions denote functions, and the juxtaposition of expressions denotes function composition. Concatenative programming replaces function application, which is common in other programming styles, with function composition as the default way to build subroutines.

For example, a sequence of operations in an applicative language like the following:

y = foo(x)
z = bar(y)
w = baz(z) written in a concatenative language as a sequence of functions:

x foo bar baz

Active Languages

Let me know if I've got any of these misplaced!

Primarily Concatenative

Concatenative-ish, Chain-y, Pipe-y, Uniform Function Call Syntax, etc.

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