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The Haiku O S
It is based on another
One named Be O S

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There's something so lovely about this desktop. I actually uses BeOS back in the day, and I say that to let you kids know to stay off my lawn... it's where I keep my junk, my highly prized, valuable junk...

Anyways, when it comes to DE designs, you just gotta love the minimalistic approach to widgets and buttons. It's so bright and has a somewhat simplified yet classic style.

But is saying that it's based on BeOS a bit disingenuous? Didn't they recreate a lot of it and rely on the Linux kernel? Been a while since I checked in.

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As I understand, it's aiming to be binary compatible with BeOS. It is a reimplementation and thus it is not based on BeOS (cf. ReactOS is also not based on Windows, but a reimplementation). However, for implementation, it partly uses code from Linux and BSD projects.

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Interesting but I don’t really understand its use case, maybe for obsolete legacy software?

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Hobby development for an OS not based on BSD/Linux.

For what it's worth, these days it's becoming somewhat more Linux-like in terms of apps.

The original BeOS had its own visual flair and style, as well as some technical achievements that were relevant in the late 90s. I installed a repack version of the final BeOS release in the early 2000s.

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