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Previously: Submission Statement Edition

Haven't done these in a while, so let's get started.

  1. Since we haven't really heard any feedback one way or the other, rule 8 is now official. To be fair, we've had a lot less microblog posts than I expected (only one Twitter/X post in the last month even after I waited longer than the initial 1-2 weeks expected, and that was a crosspost.)
  • Again, the rules are always a work in progress, feel free to give your two cents here whenever you like.
  1. As you guys know, PipedLinkBot went completely insane 2 days ago and looks like it's temporarily shut down. So, I'd like to use this opportunity to explain why I banned the bot pretty much immediately after our community reopened. (And gloat a bit, of course)
  • Even though I do agree with the principle of using open source, privacy focused frontend instead of using Youtube directly, I have a real problem with using a bot to respond every time somebody posts a Youtube link. It feels like spam, and it doesn't feel like it serves any utility besides pushing an agenda (even though many people here would agree with it). Most people have seen it around here enough to use pipedvideo if they wanted it to use it already.

  • I think it's always been a rage inducing part of the reddit experience that you see you received a response to your comment, but only have it been a bot smugly correcting your grammar or tell you all your letters are in order or something useless like that. So, for this place, I would like to make sure that everyone you talk to here is a real person as much as possible, because people inspire people to be greater, but bots don't.


Just weeks after we complained about how over-compressed Google Messages RCS images are, it looks like a fix is already in the works.

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Google is putting the clamp on low-effort apps in the Play Store. Apps that don't offer basic functionality or quality may be removed.


It frequently marks the text as red in my native language but never in English (unless there is a real error in the text). Anybody know why? See image below...


Forgive me for this stupid question. I just transitioned from iPhone to Pixel (GrapheneOS) and I'm curious why there isn't a built in PDF viewer like on iPhone? It feels like you have to open things externally pretty often, but I figure there's a reason for that. I haven't used Android in many years and I recently developed an interest for the technical aspects of things, so again, do forgive this beginners question.

Cheers y'all!


Hi y'all. Disclaimer I'm 1) running GrapheneOS, 2) returning go Android after many years of using iPhone.

Maybe I'm stupid, but I find it way harder to paste image links (inserting the image) on Android than iPhone.

I find an image on the web, press it and select "Share" then "Copy image with link". Except the link won't appear. It does not exist in my clipboard. Weirdly enough, I can paste it in this post and Voyager will automatically convert it to an image.

I think I'm stupid because this shouldn't be hard. I insert images using urls all the time to avoid downloading a bunch of files. Is it an issue with Vanadium? The OS? Me? Point me in the right direction.


In addition to announcing sound search and AI-generated conversation radio today, YouTube Music is rolling out "Mark as played" for podcasts.


I have a Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G. It comes with the painfully slow USB 2.0. I wish to transfer local music files to it, but it's taking a long time to get copied over USB connection as well as it fails in-between sometimes. Is there any way to transfer the files in a quick and reliable manner?


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Over the course of 2024, Google Maps for Android has been working on a redesign that drops most fullscreen UIs in favor of sheets...


Newpipe hasn't worked on my Android for several days now. Has YouTube blocked the app, or did an update break it?


Android's QR code scanner could soon get a UI refresh that makes some buttons more accessible and brings a new animation.



I've been looking info on how work (features available etc..) Dual sim on android . But all the websites talking about it trow back

Does someone have an URL that is not ~~censored~~ "protected" by cloudflare ?


This question might have been already asked ?Sorry if this question might have been asked.. But it seem Lemmy of search option, like search within a community and by title only....


After the Google One VPN shutdown in late June, the "Dark Web reports" function is coming to all Google Account holders from late July 2024.


I've recently moved to pixel/graphene and I'm looking for a more open replacement for spotify.

I installed a bunch from F-droid to test (newpipe, pipepipe, libretube, RiMusic, SpMp, SimpmMusic, InnertTune, ViMusic, etc)

I’m testing them all but I’m a bit overwhelmed with choice.

I'd like to find something that lets me control the music from my desktop, either through KDE connect or a standalone app. FOSS / F-droid preferred

I plan to start maintaining my library locally but I still need some kind of streaming solution.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts

EDIT: I'm not interested in a paid subscription service, if I was ok with that I would have stayed on spotify. Thanks for all responses.


Hi so I have this tv box with model number EC6108V9 and it's very hard for me to find mods they are all in Chinese I have been trying for almost a day now or it's just hard and I also want to find a way to get passed the menus (with keyboard shortcuts or smth idk) and to a android launcher (it runs android kitkat) Thanks Idk if this is the right lemmy room for this I have tried xda forums but one of the roms had a error


A Google spokesperson explains:

Promoted pins in navigation are not new – they let people see relevant ads for businesses like gas stations, restaurants, and stores along their route. To avoid driver distraction, these ads do not pop up, expand only if they’re tapped on, and disappear quickly after a short time.


Google Maps is changing and will keep drive log data on the phone. I like to go on photo-drives following roads to find "Kodak moments", I also would like a map of my random rambles. I would prefer that the data for that map be locally collected on my phone but the map itself uploadable to my laptop. Does anyone have an App for that?

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