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We still talking volcanos or have we moved on to regulating Taco Bell and porn?

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I dunno, I disagreed with him and and other "commies" and I'm still around. Maybe it's something else you are doing.

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Well that's convenient timing with your eyes. Otherwise you'd have to learn to cope with being wrong.

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Was sitting in a particular seat the entirety of the civil rights movement? Is being addressed by your correct pronouns the entirety of the trans movement? Are they both smaller manifestations of much larger issues of bigotry and bias that shitty people can isolate to try and mock and trivialize the hardships that minorities and marginalized people face?

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Hey, woah. I don't want you to be right. I want to stew in my contempt of YouTube Shorts.

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I would have preferred if they kept shorts off.

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If which seat you get on the bus is the most difficult thing in your life...

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I'm not trying to moral grand stand on you here. I'm saying that your reactions to your negative experiences are valid. But how far you take those reactions needs to be kept in check. Its not a high minded or aggressive stance to warn against letting the emotions of that trauma cause you to overreact. Try not to read it that way but rather as understanding and cautionary. You seem like you try to be decent and fair. You wouldn't let one bad person from other demographics/groups/whatever dictate how you treat all them. Don't let these handful of assholes control how you think of and treat all of trans people. Don't become the monster they accused you of being.

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If you'd use it to say something honest and of substance to address the points I made I probably wouldn't mind. But you won't.

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Weak performance even for you. You are stuck in the cycle of pretending to be aloof and amused to avoid acknowledging anything of substance. You got upset when bigots were mocked. You were asked if you were a bigot and you deflected. You're not clever. You should stick to your echo chambers where John's tweets can't hurt you.

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