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Currently watching in person B)


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I NEED my passtime quickplay!!!!

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could also just upload to lemmy directly


Europe region

Signups: NOW! – June 21st 18:00 CEST
Group Stages: June 24th – July 19th
Playoffs: July 21st – TBA (Signup Dependant)

The cup will be played over 3 weeks in swiss, with playoffs starting from July 15th and length will be decided once signups are closed. Due to this being a new gamemode and focusing more on the movement mechanics of TF2 rather than DM, we will be hosting swiss as one group.


Australia region

You can sign up for Sixes Winter '24 from Wednesday the 5th of June 2024, until Wednesday the 19th of June 2024. We aim to have seeding out by Friday the 21st of June 2024 at the latest, before the season starts. The season starts Sunday the 23rd of June 2024.


Australia region

You can sign up for Highlander Winter '24 from Sunday the 2nd of June 2024, up until Friday the 21st of June 2024. We aim to have seeding out by Sunday the 23rd of June 2024 at the latest, before the season starts. The season starts Wednesday the 26th of June 2024.

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yea bit annoying since they usually only have US and EU servers for the open beta, I'm too eager to play! but my ping on those servers are horrible and my friends wait for the AUS servers to open :(


Magnetic Mayhem is a summer community MvM charity tour featuring 6 intermediate, 9 advanced, and 6 expert missions across 19 maps. Complete the tour to earn up to 2 in-game medals!

Charity: Donate to the National Brain Tumor Society to earn up to 3 donor medals!

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last time I tried running steam on a mac it didn't work so I just assumed it still didn't, curious on how well the 64 bit tf2 goes on mac


Ozfortress is back with ultiduo with a new whitelist and new maps

Solemn Vow and Disciplinary Action are now allowed.

Maps will be ultiduo_ozf_r, ultiduo_swine_b06, ultiduo_baloo_v2 and ultiduo_champions_b1

You can sign up for Ultiduo 18 from now (Wednesday the 17th of April 2024), up until Wednesday the 1st of May 2024. We aim to have initial seedings out by Friday the 3rd of May at the latest. As always, Ultiduo will be on a Saturday, Saturday the 4th of May 2024.

they are planning to put a max team signup of 40-48 unfortunately

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does steam even work on apple silicon natively?

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any idea if anyone will recreate prec?


was holding last in sixes (yes our demoman was running perma shield) did a quick swap onto sniper after my sentry got destroyed


This is a 6v6 cup made for newbies to learn competitive formats, when you signup you get placed onto a team of other newbies, it even has a prizepool!

Signups look to end 15th of April. This is also based in North America.

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discord link

Here are the match dates

R1 [BO1] - 27 April 2024 22:00 (cp_process_f12)

R2 [BO1] - 27 April 2024 23:00 (cp_gullywash_f9)

R3 [BO1] - 28 April 2024 22:00 (cp_snakewater_final1)

R4 [BO1] - 28 April 2024 23:00 (cp_metalworks_f1)

R5 [BO1] - 4 May 2024 22:00 (cp_process_f12)

R6 [BO1] - 4 May 2024 23:00 (cp_gullywash_f9)

R7 [BO1] - 5 May 2024 22:00 (cp_snakewater_final1)

R8 [BO1] - 5 May 2024 23:00 (cp_metalworks_f1)

Please take note that the winners of each game must report the score on the challengermode site and on discord using the /score command immediately after the game, failure to do so will result in score penalties

All games will be used for rating, the top 6 teams with the highest rating will progress to Invite while the rest will play Open

Invite will be double elimination Open will feature a short swiss qualifier using the existing team ratings into a double elimination playoffs

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I still havent even tried a 100 player server yet rip


CustomLander TF2 is running a 4v4 tournament for 5 different regions (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia)

The tournament has multiple divisions per region, teams are 4 players and can have 2 subs. Signups close 27th of March, the first sets of matches will start the 30th of March. This tournament will also have medals.

Maps are chosen with a pick/ban system from a pool containing: koth_bagel_rc8 koth_jamram_rc1b koth_cornyard_b4 koth_maple_ridge_rc1 koth_cascade koth_badlands cp_warmfrost_rc1

If anyone is interested, I am happy to create a team if we have enough people (we can play in which ever region we have the most players for)

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well I guess they dont want you just taking someone's like trump card or something, also I think they had a design thing about having cards owned by other people not going into other people's hidden zones and graveyards or something, does mean you can do graveyard shenanigans with other people's cards which is cool

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wish some of these alchemy cards could be replicated in paper somehow lol

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I believe F2P players also have lower drops than normal, if you want I can just send you any duplicate weapons if you're looking for any specific ones

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