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I’m glad they pointed out what the foreign object was.

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I believe you don’t have to actually use (meaning “compile from”) typescript to profit from it. If you maul the compiler options hard enough, you might get it to analyze JavaScript and provide type checking.

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Elderly team mates with the flexibility of concrete, yay!

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@[email protected] is right. I’ll interpret your question as “can I send this to someone and they will be able to play it” – ~~then the answer is yes. You can take a binary file like mp4, pretend it’s text like I did above, and send it via chat or a lemmy post. The recipient will need to copy that text, enter it in, for instance, notepad++ and save the file on their disk. Renaming the file from the-text.txt to the-text.mp4 should be sufficient for any audio player to pick the file up and play it.~~

Edit: doesn’t actually work

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The app will find the file incomprehensible and will tell you that the file is corrupted or in a format the app can’t understand.

An app that works with raw next (Windows’ Editor or notepad++ or any IDE) will try to parse the binary data as text and fail miserably, showing you lots of undecodable-unicode characters.


%.š/BûT¹Ò;lŠ^œ{åúvž’Û X“—دa%"9HúU"¿ú¦¥N̉Čԝ¿†«dd'º•©“ÜÈê*è9$mÕ lfN‹„‘ª$bÿû°@§  gÂqâtŒøn<cm-‰ Ljmð3¡|ñ°k§û–ÿîo<©ªxgTZ¯óT†"x¦1Q®ÔÚóI# 3édgþ™>´dʶ̏þB…o™ÜË7bMûö”]«ê|= ®©w„Ïɳ²NdÅh˜Ñ#´¦ïÕ®ºAd‹®«R²•]‡ÐÏE päX 0PÛnE”Ø΋şçÒñD]îbwNðèB$¤“nnzráiqÖ›XåÄvØÉË\ø\¦P¼¶Xæ‰Â6…”ææ†?äÖåœ:m|?B3C+dW»f†`Ê$Lˆmìóz¯xK>‘)ƒÜÉTÝ ¨@‘Š£Ð:¨õ¹|!„D QC#£öªJ¼×u›³ÕÒ©˜gV"!V«; áäi³EJ…3;zã[±0&ËsÖ_Ë·³‡ ó8MaTô”ÖBïKßïùl4zHJE'N¢ìo™iÒg$½›—U.ºtÉW›SXGÓÐŒ§N¢–L¨YþïZOPNìÌÙŸN ŽŠióyÄ,QÍfÙ¬

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How did you make and apply the brine? I tried it once and the results where despicable.

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Kann ich doch nix für, wenn du dich auf die falsche Bedeutung dieses Worts versteifst. :D

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In my defense, the backend contracts change so often in early development the any just made sense at first…

Refactorings and changes are the prime reason to use TypeScript. You edit your data objects and get squigglies everywhere shit won’t work anymore. A godsend!

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Any project that uses d3.

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While I get the point they’re making, I have a counterargument:

Ngqnund urnidng bptgx durunbde druxng.

What, you didn’t understand that? Are you dissing be just because you didn’t bother to learn new words?

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Kein Plan, ich bin zu jung, um so etwas zu wissen :)

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When working on a new project, make sure to allow yourself to make mistakes. For instance, by building a model (or a miniature) first.

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