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Spare us the sanctimonious lecturing. I don’t give a single shit about the pearl clutching coming from conservatives after they spent the last two years thinking it was utterly hilarious that a lunatic with a hammer savagely attacked Paul Pelosi… Including Donald “look at my YUGE bandage” Trump. They can dish it out but they can’t take it, fuck this apologia nonsense. A comedian made a tasteless joke about Trump at a concert in Australia. Boo hoo.

As far as I’m concerned the only one whose reputation has taken a hit here is JB. Immediately throwing Kyle Gass under the bus, cancelling their tour, and announcing “all creative plans are on hold” over that seems like a massive overreaction. I still think he’s an incredibly talented dude and he seems like a good person but it has made me think a quite a bit less of him.

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I was able to secure a carrier (most call it a vehicle)

SovCits are always such dorks.

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The man is the tackiest person in history.

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It’s amusing how bad some people are at lying. Like, they have no ability to gauge what’s believable and what’s just an utterly ridiculous claim.

Like a little kid with ice cream all over their face insisting that their invisible friend ate it all back in the ‘80s

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I just checked and they did mention it in the change log but fuuuuck them for making this shit opt out without any sort of pop up notification. As that person on Mastodon pointed out, even Chrome managed to inform all users via popup when they did it.

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Ok good luck with your podcast, bye bye now. 👋

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I get this is an attempt at a joke but...who cares? Something that seems stupid and pointless to one person is fascinating to another.

The same could be said of this piece of satire, yet here you are… taking it bizarrely personal.

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Corporations are people… except when those people need to go to jail.

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Was a bit funnier when I posted it three days ago


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I didn’t say it was, but it’s adjacent, and based on the vote % it seems like most people don’t have an issue with a meme about IT.

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In a major win for the DOJ Boeing has agreed to a plea deal to avoid a criminal trial. As part of the deal Boeing agreed to a slap on the wrist after which they will be legally required to admit to being very naughty before they can resume committing crimes.

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