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I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned in the keynote or State of the Union, but Apple’s model training data is either licensed or publicly available on the Internet. No personal information is used.

I don't think it's as ethically sound as the author thinks, but it's worth a discussion at least.

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They're partnered with OpenAI though, which is none of those things.

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This is why I said i don't think it's ethically sound. Just because I post something publicly, doesn't mean I'm consenting to it being used to train LLMs

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I'm not sure how extensive the partnership is, but the AI features (apple intelligence lol) are coming to devices with A17 pro (iPhone 15 pro lineup and later) and M chips. I believe the rest of the devices will use ChatGPT and they even mentioned that Siri will ask you each time if you want to use ChatGPT for the response. So ChatGPT partnership might only be for older devices.

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"Publicly available on the internet" is very wishy-washy. Just because something is publicized on the internet, does not mean you have the rights to use it. I hate how companies constantly get protected through draconian copyright laws but your average Joe is just content to be used to make even more money.

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