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So I had made a post regarding sorting posts not working, but I have noticed another issue where some communities just don't have some older posts. I have tried both on web and on android app, and it's the same, tweaked some settings too. A demo video (GIF) showcasing the problem and my account settings are attached in below Imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/8X8AQpI

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Re: sorting posts not working - I don't know. It looks like you've deleted the post you made about 'sorting of posts not aligned'

Re: communities not updated - I found your GIF hard to follow, but there's a straight-forward difference between the post list you're seeing on lemm.ee and on programming.dev, in that the missing posts are all tagged 'English'. (If you looked at lemm.ee when you're logged out, you'd see the same list as on programming.dev).
I assume you've fixed it now, since this post is in English, but to recreate what lemmy-ui is doing:



for page in {1..17}
  curl --silent "https://lemm.ee/api/v3/post/list?community_id=8024&page=$page&limit=50" |
  jq -rc '.posts[] | .post.language_id, .post.name' |
  while read line
    if [ "$line" == "$lang_id_english" ]; then show_post=false; continue; fi
    if [ "$line" == "$lang_id_undefined" ]; then show_post=true; continue; fi
    if $show_post; then echo $line; fi

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I think sorting not working and some posts missing are corelated that's why I deleted that post. I changed language to English and undetermined from undermined only and it started showing missing posts, which fixed sorting too, thanks.

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