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The voter turnout dropped heavily in the first phase when compared to previous elections. What is exactly happening? Are people losing faith in democracy? Or they are getting lazy thinking "aayega to modi hi"? Whatever it is, it's dangerous for democracy and must be fixed.

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BJP/RSS and religious fascism is here to stay in this Hinduism obsessed theocracy for at least a decade. We have lost. Work hard and leave this country because people are lazy anti revolutionaries. This country has no Bhagat Singh or Subhash Chandra Bose left. Everyone loves sucking Western imperialist dick and believing Rahul Gandhi and Mamata are our Biden who will save us from Trump Modi. Because of liberals, we will lose this country to theocratic Hindutva fascism.

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What is there to be excited about. Even with India's massive multi-party system, there still is not one party that is anti-nationalist. When I lived in the US nearly half of my neighbors were anti-nationalist and proud of it. I cam to believe they were right that nationalism is a disease that must be irradiated from this planet as it does nothing but divide people and create sense of superiority in ones "own people".

Clearly Modi needs to be defeated, but its difficult to see how that is going to happen, and the option(s) to replace him with aren't a lot better.

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You want to know about why people in my native area aren't voting? Read about the Sowjanya rape case. People are so pissed off that they don't want to vote anyone. They just want to vote NOTA.

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People are so pissed off that they don't want to vote anyone. They just want to vote NOTA.

That doesn't change stuff, right?
If it's popular, some people should band together and create a small group or party of their own, or support a independent candidate or so who'd be more supportive. And wouldn't there be atleast one leftist party there, to take up the issue?

Choosing not to vote would just make the other parties write them off. If it's using the vote as a way to bring attention would be better, then yeah, it's ok. But if they're really not voting then that's bad.

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Just wanted to let you know beforehand that I do not share those views - I hate NOTA, and I'd rather vote. From little that I know of my hometown, caste-based politics has become the next new. PDP is not contesting from our area, which is thankfully a good news, as the BJP can't complain about Muslims. Now it's a proper Congress vs BJP face-off. The Billavas and other vulnerable castes are sick of OBCs like Bunts dominating in the BJP, meanwhile the Bunts are furious about the rape case I mentioned earlier. If the Congress or any other left-leaning alternative comes to power, South India will be BJP-mukt - Tulu Nadu is the final bastion for these BJP bastards.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 2 months ago

I'd rather vote.

I respect you for that.

caste-based politics has become the next new

Outright caste politics?
I'm from Kerala and we do have caste/religious equations going on in the background, but most of the time it never reaches the foreground.

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Outright caste politics?

It's not as loud as the Vokkaliga vs Lingayat scenario, maybe similar to what's happening in Kerala.

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Will read.

Nota is just irrelevant and should be fixed, even if 99% vote for it, the candidate who got most of the remaining 1% will win (doesn't make sense).

[-] [email protected] 3 points 2 months ago

That's only half of what is wrong with NOTA. The other half is that the voters who use NOTA are more likely to be the educated and mindful ones... and the party that was in power when NOTA was implemented, wanted such voters to squander their votes.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 2 months ago

ven if 99% vote for it, the candidate who got most of the remaining 1% will win (doesn’t make sense). I NOTA wins I think the seat should be vacated for that term.

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